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Freeplay World Event.png

World Events are events and quests occurring withing the Freeplay Map of Bastion. Each event can be of different difficulty tiers, rated as 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star events.

Before patch 1.4.0, Freeplay events were not classified into the 3 difficulty tiers. There are also encounters throughout the Freeplay map where enemy swarms randomly spawn. Defeating the marked or apex enemies will guarantee a loot drops.

All the events will be updated as soon as more information is available

Event Tiers

There are three tiers (identified by the number of stars present on the World Event icon)of events. Each tier is based on the difficulty of the event and the type of enemy present. The quality of loot also is higher if the tier is higher.

There are also Legendary World Events which provide additional challenges and reward better. Some Legendary World Events such as conjunctions do not count towards the World Events Feat.

1 Star Event 2 Star Event 3 Star Event Legendary World Events
1 Star World Event.png
2 Star World Event.png
3 Star World Event.png
Conjunction Anomaly.png

1 Star Events

Scar Dominion Outlaw Fauna Fort Tarsis
Scar Incursion Dominion Patrol Outlaw Gangs Sentinel Support (Fauna) Fragment Recovery
Scar Foothold Dominion Foothold Outlaw Incursion Skorpion Infestation Strider Distress Beacon
Scar Threat Dominion Incursion (Supply Caches) Fragment Retrival (Skorpion) A Call from Corvus (Agent Alive)
Locked Away A Call from Corvus (Agent Dead/ Scar)
Freelancer in Need (Freelancer Alive)
Freelancer in Need (Freelancer Dead)
A Freelancer's Duty (Scar)

2 Star Events

Scar Dominion Outlaw Fauna Fort Tarsis
Relics of the Past (Scar) Sentinel Support (Dominion) Arcanist's Secrets
A Sentinel Asignment Relics of the Past (Dominion) A Freelancer's Duty (Dominion)
Strider Distress (Dominion)

3 Star Events

Scar Dominion Outlaw Fauna Fort Tarsis
Dominion Incursion (Shaper Relic) Relics of the Past Strider Distress (Scar)
Sleeping Titan (Titan Wakes Up) Strider Trouble
Sleeping Titan (Titan Remains Dormant)

Special, Limited Timed, and Non-starred Events before Patch 1.4.0

These events are limited timed events which were released before patch 1.4.0.

Scar Dominion Outlaw Fauna Fort Tarsis
Scar Infestation There Be Giants A Call from Corvus (Agent Dead/ Dominion)
Scar Swarm

Seasonal or Limited Timed Events

These events are seasonal, and are only available for a limited time.

Echoes of Reality

Season of Skulls

Mysterious Crystalline Wreckage Freelancer Pilgrimage Ice Flower Frenzy
Crystal Harvest (Fauna) Arcanist Research
Crystal Harvest (Dominion) Sentinel Bonfire
Crystal Harvest (Scars)
Crystal Harvest (Outlaws)