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World Encounter-0.png

World Encounters, unlike World Events are randomly occurring enemy spawns in Northern Bastion.

Eliminating these enemies do not provide a reward chest.

However, defeating a particular enemy provides a guaranteed loot drop.

Fauna Encounter

1-Star Lesser Ash Titan Encounter

Usually, when fauna are encountered, the target enemy is already among the horde and marked with Target Icon.png; defeating this enemy guarantees a loot drop.Fauna encounter are marked with the same icon as the target enemy in the radar.

Normal Elite


Skorpion Digester Skorpion Digester Elite/Legendary Skorpion Digester
Skorpion Worker Skorpion Worker Elite/Legendary Skorpion Worker
Skorpion Soldier Skorpion Soldier Elite/Legendary Skorpion Soldier
Wolven Wolven
Frost Wolven Frost Wolven Legendary Frost Wolven
Lesser Ash Titan Elite Lesser Ash Titan Legendary Lesser Ash Titan

1 Star Encounters

1 Star World Encounter.png

These are random encounters where the targeted enemy spawns after a certain number of enemies are defeated. The encounter has 1 star under the logo in the radar. There is always 1 elite or legendary marked enemy with Target Icon.png, defeating whom will guarantee a loot


Normal Elite

Targeted Enemy Target Icon.png

Scar Scrapper Scar Scrapper
Scar Destroyer Scar Destroyer
Scar Hunter Scar Hunter Elite/Legendary Scar Hunter
Scar Enforcer Scar Enforcer Elite/Legendary Scar Enforcer


Normal Elite

Targeted Enemy Target Icon.png

Dominion Shock Trooper Dominion Shock Trooper
Dominion Frost Hounds Dominion Frost Hounds
Dominion Storm Brutes Dominion Storm Brutes Elite/Legendary Dominion Storm Brutes
Dominion Frost Brutes Dominion Frost Brutes Elite/Legendary Dominion Frost Brutes
Dominion Frost Valkyrie Dominion Frost Valkyrie Elite/Legendary Dominion Frost Valkyrie
Dominion Ash Valkyrie Dominion Ash Valkyrie Elite/Legendary Dominion Ash Valkyrie
Dominion Storm Valkyrie Dominion Storm Valkyrie Elite/Legendary Dominion Storm Valkyrie
Thunderfang (Seasonal Only)
Ice Stalker (Seasonal Only)


Normal Elite

Targeted Enemy Target Icon.png

Outlaw Outlaw
Outlaw Gunner Outlaw Gunner
Outlaw Shotgunner Outlaw Shotgunner
Outlaw Lancer Outlaw Lancer Elite/Legendary Outlaw Lancer
Outlaw Elementalist Outlaw Elementalist Elite/Legendary Outlaw Elementalist
Outlaw Rocket Trooper Outlaw Rocket Trooper Elite/Legendary Outlaw Rocket Trooper

2 Star Encounters

2 Star World Encounter.png

These are very rare. Occasionally, are 2 star encounters where there is an apex enemy present among the horde. There is no target enemy, but usually, an apex enemy is present in the horde.

Defeating the apex enemy, guarantees 2 loot drops.

Possible Enemies

Apex Enemy

Scar Scrapper

Scar Destroyer

Scar Scout

Scar Hunter

Scar Enforcer

2 Star Encounter Example Image.png
Possible Enemies Apex Enemy Image
Ash Elementals Ancient Ash Titan
Anthem™ 12 4 2019 7 31 52 AM.png
Enemy Apex Enemy Image
Skorpion Digester

Skorpion Worker

Skorpion Soldier

2 Star Skorpion Horde encounter.png

Note: A Hidden Chest always spawns in the 2-Star Skorpion Horde encounter

Possible Enemies Apex Enemy Image
Dominion Shocktroopers

Dominion Frost Brutes

Dominion Storm Brutes

Dominion Valkyries

Dominion Frost Hounds

Dominion Fury
2 Star World Encounter Dominion Fury.png
Possible Enemies Apex Enemy Image
None Ursix
2 Star Ursix Encounter.png

Additional Notes

  • The Fauna Encounter list does not contain other creatures such as Anrisaur, Saurian, Grabbit, Korox, Wyvern, and Tesilar. Even though these can be found in groups, they do not normally have a targeted enemy. Yet they still possess the possibility to drop Loot, however, the drop is not guaranteed.
  • Smaller hordes of Outlaws, Dominion and Scars can also be seen once in a while.