Weapons are used to deal damage to enemies. Various types of weapons exist in Anthem.

Weapon damage can be increased by using relevant damage amplifiers such as weapon-specific universal components and sigils. Weapon damage inscriptions also increase the damage dealt by a weapon.

Melee Weapons are a special category of weapons also considered weapons and affected by the weapon damage and melee weapon damage inscription.

Melee Weapons


All Javelins

Colossus Specific

Ranger, Storm, and Interceptor Specific


  • Initially, there were only 9 types of guns with 6 sub-types each, including the upgraded forms. Update 1.3.0 brought in 3 new types (with 3 sub-types each)-- Blade Slingers, Pulse Accelerators, and Volt Casters.
  • Initially there was only one melee weapon for each javelin. Update 1.3.0 added 3 more melee weapons types, including upgraded forms for each javelin.
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