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Weapons are used to deal damage to enemies. Various types of weapons exist in Anthem.

Weapon damage can be increased by using relevant damage amplifiers such as weapon-specific universal components and sigils. Weapon damage inscriptions also increase the damage dealt by a weapon.

Melee Weapons are a special category of weapons also considered weapons and affected by the weapon damage and melee weapon damage inscription.

Melee Weapons


All Javelins

Colossus Specific

These heavy weapons can only be use dby Colossus because of their sheer size.

Ranger, Storm, and Interceptor Specific

These light weapons can only be used by Ranger, Storm, and Interceptor because they are too small for heavy javelins.

Echoes of Reality Weapons

These guns were introduced during the Echoes of Reality cataclysm and can be used by all javelins.


  • Initially, there were only 9 types of guns with 6 sub-types each, including the upgraded forms. Update 1.3.0 brought in 3 new types (with 3 sub-types each)-- Blade Slingers, Pulse Accelerators, and Volt Casters.
  • Initially there was only one melee weapon for each javelin. Update 1.3.0 added 3 more melee weapons types, including upgraded forms for each javelin.