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War Chest

War Chests are special combat-related rewards granting mechanisms introduced during the first cataclysm called Echoes of Reality. These were supposed to be a limited time mechanism that would last only during the cataclysm’s run but have been made available beyond that due to player demand. War Chests are always opened in the Seasonal Store located at Herschel’s hut inside Fort Tarsis, and they only grant certain Combat Equipment.

Mechanism and Types

The mechanism of War Chests is very simple. Use crystals to open a chest. The item revealed will be automatically added to the Forge.

War Chests can be opened using several types of crystal currencies, depending upon the type of season and cataclysm that remains active. When Echoes of Reality first ran, it used pink-colored Major Crystal Narrow.png Major Crystals and Minor Crystal-0.png Minor Crystals to open them. During the Season of Skulls, the major crystals were made defunct due to redundancy and a recolored version of minor crystals Skulls Minor.png (beige) was introduced. In the Season of Icetide, the pink crystals were back. Currently, the default crystals used to open the War Chest is actually gray in color, but they show up as pink inside the Seasonal Store.

The pool of items that can be obtained through the War Chests is limited to certain Combat Equipment only. For other items, there are other possible ways to obtain them through Guardians' Gifts, Regulator Store, and standard reward drops from defeating enemies.


War Chests in the Seasonal Store

War Chests are generally categorized into two types:

  • War Chests: These will give combat items of Masterwork Rarity that have a chance of becoming Legendary. These cost fewer crystals to open, usually between 1000 and 2100.
  • Legendary War Chests: These will always give an item of Legendary Rarity. They also cost significantly more crystals to open. They cost 5000 crystals.


All Masterwork items received from the War Chests have a power level of 66 and all legendary items have a Power of 80 for players with a Pilot Level of 30.

Those lower than Pilot Level 30 will have a value of +36 added to their present Pilot Level for Masterwork’s Power and +50 added to their present Pilot Level for Legendary’s Power.

Seasonal Changes

Depending on the season or cataclysm, only some War Chests are available. They also have a different appearance and color used to represent them.

Original War Chests

At their launch, there were only 4 War Chests, one each for Melee Weapons, Support, Weapons (Guns), and Gears 1 & 2. Because these war chests contained items for all javelins with an equal chance of obtaining any item, players wanted javelin-specific items. During a mid-season update of Echoes of Reality, 4 more War Chests were introduced. These contained the exact items as the initial four, but they were divided to be javelin-specific: Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor. Unfortunately, at this time, there were no Legendary-only War Chests, and the randomness to obtain a legendary item, let alone one with desired inscriptions was incredibly high. The cost range for these War Chests was between 1 Major Crystal Narrow.png & 100 Minor Crystal-0.png (i.e., a total of 600 Minor Crystal-0.png, at current value) to 2 Major Crystal Narrow.png & 200 Minor Crystal-0.png (i.e., a total of 1200 Minor Crystal-0.png, at current value).

Season of Skulls War Chests

Legendary War Chests in the Seasonal Store

During Season of Skulls of 2019, a 9th war chest was added. It gave all the loot from Echoes of Reality, but only of Legendary Rarity. All the other War Chests made a return with 250% increase in a chance to get legendary items. The price was also increased by 250% for the Legendary War Chest. It costed 5000 (exactly 5000 Minor Crystal-0.png at current value). The original War Chests also got a beige colored makeover. The price range of other War Chests was changed to be between 1000 (exactly 1000 Minor Crystal-0.png, at current value) to 2500 (i.e., a total of 2500 Minor Crystal-0.png, at current value).

Season of Icetide War Chests

During the Season of Icetide of 2019-2020, a 10th war chest containing all Universal Components was added. Along with that, all the chests were made legendary. Melee, Support, and Gear War Chests were removed from rotation in favor of keeping the javelin specific War Chest. Each cost exactly 5000 Minor Crystal-0.png.

Current War Chests

Starting update 1.7.0, the seasonal store has a permanent Legendary Warchest. All other War Chests and Legendary War Chests are under weekly rotation. Weekly reset happens on Tuesdays and one Legendary War Chest and one regular War Chest is available other than the permanent Legendary War Chest. Only the melee War Chest is out of the cycle.

There has never been any Javelin-specific components War Chests. In total, there have been 18 War Chests introduced throughout the run of Anthem.

List of War Chests

Each War Chest has its own page that gives information about its contents, cost, and availability. Please click on each link for more information.

War Chest Icon.png WARCHESTS
Echoes of Reality

Season of Skulls Icon.png
Season of Skulls

Season of Icetide Icon.png
Season of Icetide