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"That Vule. There's always something about a man in uniform, isn't there?"

Commander Vule is a resident of Fort Tarsis. He is in a relationship with Lady Cardea. The gossip of their relationship spread throughout the fort.[1]


Vule walks into the bar and calls on Sentinel Dax, who presents him a cutpurse she caught. Vule angrily reprimanded her for overstepping her position, as she's a glorified secretary, before calming himself, informing Dax that her family had ordered her immediate return to Antium.

Vule later pulls the Freelancer and Dax from the rubble of an outlaw den. Dax explains they had found the journal of her late aunt Cardea, which Vule confiscates and orders Dax back to the fort. The Freelancer later convinces him to hand over the journal.