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Vinyls are cosmetic items in Anthem that are used to make appearance customization. Usually, vinyls can be applied on any surfaces, including, but not limited to weapons, striders, walls—anything with a surface, on Coda. In game, only the javelins available to the Freelancer have the customization option to change vinyls. Vinyls take on the texture of the underlying material, but they will always have either a glossy, matte, or shiny finish. Their colors cannot be changed.

There are 3 types of Vinyls:

Each of these types have their own pages with all available vinyls listed in that type, including the ones that aren't made available to the players yet. There are more than 300 vinyls!


Vinyls are extensively used and emphasized within the lore of anthem as a way for lancers to personalize their javelins. Every lancer has their own way of making sure they stand out. Freelancers Grace and Hart, during the expedition Silence the Heart of Rage wore decals on their orange and purple painted javelins. Haluk has a unique decal on his colossus which is seen on his unfurled shield.

Freelancers Kriss, Mass, Hopkins, Jak, and Rythe has unique, but simple decals on their Rangers. Jani also had special vinyls on the ranger javelins she stole during her conflict with the Sentinels. In Songs of Icetide, flame and phiranix scaled decals are equipped by green lancers in training.

Sentinels have a unique vinyl on their javelins when they patrol inside Fort Tarsis. When they are outside they have a different design and paint jobs on their Ranger Mark One javelins. Brin, being a Sentinel Lieutenant, uses yellow and black colored decals on her javelin. Vule has dark-blue and white vinyls on his javelin. The Sentinel escorting Tassyn is shown wearing pale-blue and white decals, unseen on any other javelin inside the fort. It is hinted that Sentinels in different Settlements were a different paint job and vinyls on their javelins.

Regulators also use their own styles on their Elementalist and Wasteland Ranger javelins. Outlaws use special designs on their elementalists, however, their Rangers seem to have a generic paint job only.

The Dominion has different styles of decals for their Valkyries and Elementalists. In fact, from observation, a Dominion Ash Valkyrie will have orange designs, a Dominion Frost Valkyrie will have blue designs, Dominion Ash Valkyrie, and a Dominion Storm Valkyrie will have purple designs. Dominion Elementalists will have black designs on their javelins. Vara and her Wings of the Spear explicitly wore black and gold designs on their javelins. Monitor javelin seems to only have paint job, as seen in Bastion.

Scars have also been shown equipping various decals and graphics on their javelins.

Ally javelins, enemies, enemy equipment, technological artifacts, all have been shown with unique vinyls. However, only the 4 Bastion javelins available to the Freelancer who survived the Heart of Rage (i.e., the player character, a.k.a you) can customize them just by accessing the Forge.

Methods to Obtain

Vinyls can be obtained in many different ways:

List of Special Vinyls

The list below includes the vinyls that are available by default, or won as rewards, or promotional items (This is done to preserve the space in the page). All vinyls can be found in the respective pages: Decals, Graphics, Wraps.

Vinyls.png VINYLS
Default Vinyls

Promotional Vinyls

Reward Vinyls