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Grey-eyed Idris and his apprentice, a young Arden Vassa, were won in battle by loathsome F'Kark, whose urgoth temper was written daily on the hides of his servants. The beatings continued until Idris secretly planned to join the free people, for Idris knew the secret signs.

Under midnight's blue moonlight, Idris woke young Vassa and lit a fire near F'Kark's vault. The urgoth woke with great fear, and Idris and Vassa slipped away as the flames were fought.
"But master," Vassa asked, "how will we know where to go?"
"There are markings to show us the way."

Idris pointed to a rock that was seemingly plain, yet when the moon smiled, the rock smiled back. The apprentice Vassa noted the rock displayed directions to go west through the trees and look for the next sign.
"Where will this lead?" he asked.
"To the haven," Idris said. "For that is the learning passed on to me. And now, passed to you, so that you may grow."

Through the canopy and over many waters they sped, seeking shelter in caves and crevices too small for urgoth to enter. F'Kark pursed them upon his foul beast, but the runes revealed secret places that no urgoth would think to go. At last Idris and Vassa came to the haven, and upon its entrance was the declaration "All are safe within these walls."

The free peoples welcomed Idris and Vassa and, in time, the newcomers learned to gather secret ingredients and craft the beacons of hope they'd followed in the dark. They ventured south, marking canyons and forests, visiting other free peoples, gathering word, and whispering about the possibility of freedom.