"Are you afraid?"
– Kelrik asks Vara moments before she starts her cataclysm.
Valkyrie Kelrik is a Valkyrie in the Spear battalion. He is the secret boss of Castle Kelrick.


In the Echoes of Reality cataclysm, a castle based on some place in the North or from a fairy tail Vara remembered from her childhood comes into the picture.

If a particular puzzle is solved inside this castle, Kelrik spawns. Defeating Kelrik provides a minimum of 2000 points.

Kelrik also appears in a special cut scene which serves as the prologue of the cataclysm.


  • Kelrik seemed to have been romantically involved with Vara.
  • Kelrik is the only Valkyrie among Vara's Spear battalion who is seen or heard outside the Echoes of Reality cataclysm game mode is a short cut scene.
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