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Ahem... Freelancer... This page is about the Valkyrie javelin.
For other uses, go to Valkyrie (Disambiguation).
I am the only Valkyrie on this team! Who sent you? Report? Report!
— "Dominion Valkyrie", during Triple Threat

Valkyrie is a javelin that utilizes seals to channel the Anthem of Creation to control the elements. Valkyries can be used only by highly skilled Dominion pilots only. These javelins have powerful elemental abilities that can easily flush out enemies behind cover.


Valkyries are javelins developed by the Dominion. It is unknown when these javelins were first made, as there is nearly half a millennium’s gap between the founding of Sundermark and Stralheim, and the present day. During this time, very little was known about what happened to them, and they were presumed dead.

Seals were created by the Dominion. However, it is unknown whether it happened before or after the cataclysm that brought Scars to Coda in 413 LV. The first Valkyrie javelin was seen between 413 LV and 458 LV in Bastion. Their numbers were very few during this time. Only a few lancers such as Sol and Jani had ever witnessed these new types of javelins. The first real encounter with the Valkyrie javelins was during the Dominion’s invasion of Freemark. After the fall of Freemark, the Arcanists from Bastion worked on reverse engineering Seal technology and the Valkyrie javelin to create the Storm.

Valkyries are seen throughout Northern Bastion ever since the Heart of Rage was unleashed. After the destruction of Freemark, newer variants of Valkyries, some specializing in a particular element, and others mastering all three have surfaced. It is unknown whether Valkyrie lancers use cyphers to improve their functions, but they claim to be very focused and unperturbed by the Anthem of Creation.

Other Variants


Valkyrie has access to the following Damage Types:

  • Fire-icon.png Fire
  • Ice-icon.png Ice
  • Lightning-icon.png Lightning

There are several types of Valkyries that do different types of elemental damages:

Valkyries do not use any hand-held weapons, although they may use speceial melee weapons like a spear. They can hover indefinitely unless they are grounded by force, burning them or freezing them.


Valkyries have one purpose during combat: making sure hiding enemies are brought out of cover.

  • Focus: Flusher.
  • Offense Style: Single-target
  • Evasive Maneuver: None
  • Flight: Seal Assisted
  • Flight Evasive Maneuver: Flying away
  • Hover Time: Indefinite
  • Action Speed: Moderate
  • Armor: Moderately Armored
  • Shields: High Kinetic Shields


Valkyries are exclusive to the Dominion faction. They are almost always painted white and black, with heavy gold-plated accents. Some Valkyries are shown to have different designs such as Valkyrie Kelrik and Vara Brom between the same order.

Ash Valkyries have orange, Frost Valkyries have blue, and Storm Valkyries have purple accents on their javelin. They also use several styles of Vinyls.

All Valkyries have a cape that assists them with flight. These capes can be vividly colored and designed. As of now, red, blue, white, black, and gold capes have been seen on various occasions.

Prominent Users

These are the most prominent users who are shown equipping the Valkyrie in any Anthem related media.


  • Some Valkyries have a greater number of seals on their javelins, covering their helmet and legs, apart from the 18 on the right arm.
  • Not a single Valkyrie javelin is showcased in the Art of Anthem.
  • The first Valkyrie ever to be shown is in the second issue of the comic—Anthem: Strong Alone. Jani is seen in combat with this enemy.
  • Chronologically, the first Valkyrie was shown in Anthem: Conviction, and the javelin used the same default colors as the Storm.


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