Hey there! I'm one of your overlords (just kidding, but I am an admin if you need help!) and I've been editing wiki's for ~3 years now (honestly, I've lost track) with ~20k edits under my belt across about 10 wiki's. As you may guess, I enjoy doing this sort of stuff ;D

I specialize in fancy template creation (namely standardized page templates), handy infoboxes, and making things look good!

In case this is ever necessary, I am not affiliated with BioWare! I just really enjoy wiki's and this one needed some love <3



Why does this grow more and more for every item I finish?? :'D

  • Set pages for full armor set type dealio's, with individual parts linked and maybe little pictures! (halfdone)
  • Navboxes for stuff so you can find more stuff while you're looking at stuff (...2/?? done? not halfway... ha)
  • P L A Y E R C A R D S and how to equip them cause these are cool and I had no idea wtf they did!
  • Work on the Cortex. It needs it.
  • Vanity pagesss. Not the individual ones, the big main ones for each "section"
  • INTERACTIVE MAP? I think it would be cool. Prob too big to work great so we might have to skimp on some things...
  • Touch up the Damage page to make it more user friendly.
  •  ??? Give me more ideas!!

Things I've Worked On

  • Literally every challenge page. Handmade with love in the span of half a day.
  • Also literally all of the Quest pages. Also handmade with love in the span of half a day. (Maybe I like wiki's too much?)
    • All of the Storylines pages to go with the quest pages ;)
  • All Weapons, Components, and Assault gear, over the span of a couple days this time. Also their images!
  • Some of the infobox templates and all of the page templates for all of the above! (Some of them are cobbled together through sheer force of will; if it breaks, shoot me a message and I'll see what I can do!)
  • Crafting stuff on all of the weapons/components/assault gear, along with links to the challenges where you unlock the blueprints
  • All of the locations pages! Aren't they so pretty??
  • Blurbs for the rarity category pages!
  • Is there a #dpl tag in the edit screen? That was probably me too ;)
  • Sigils! You know, those fancy one-time use components that you craft in the mission screen? I made those! ;D
  • Strongholds, their page template, and the mini guides on the pages!
  • All of the vanity pages!
  • Template:Cortex entry for all your cortex entry needs :D
  • Them Feats pages look glooorious!
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