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"Urgoth hiding out behind the wall,
Urgoth climbing, it will never fall,
Urgoth into the darkness fled,
With stolen children who weren't in bed."

– Children's verse

A deceased Urgoth

The Urgoth were a race that once enslaved humanity, before they rebelled and gained their freedom.

They were supposedly defeated by General Helena Tarsis during the Legion War and were presumed extinct. In the centuries since, there was little direct evidence to support their actual existence. Said to stand taller than a Colossus javelin, most details about the Urgoth were taken from Legion folk tales. There were no confirmed urgoth sightings in centuries.

However, after the silencing of the Heart of Rage, an Urgoth was discovered on the eastern border of Bastion, killing two lancers before dying. Its corpse was later shown to the Freelancer by Tassyn and Grandmaster Adams, who are concerned if this Urgoth was a single scout or the vanguard for an invasion.[1]

Doctor Harken mentions that the Dominion's borders were under attack by the Urgoth, hence why the Monitor was sent to Bastion to weaponize the Cenotaph.[2]

According to Mederines, urgoth were a group of Anzu or the descendants thereof, and "Urgoth" may in fact have been the name of a faction rather than the race as a whole.

List of known Urgoth

  • Yaggath
  • Korm the Immortal
  • Warlord Vangath
  • The Prophet