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You need 8 Echoes to silence the first relic. There are ~4 in the lower section of the area, with the other 4 up the path in the higher section. Return the echoes and clear the remaining Scar to move to the next area.

You require 12 echoes to silence the second relic, but there are only 8 available in the sky. (As of patch 1.03, you can travel here before finishing the first part and clear the Turrets without having to deal with Scar spawns.) Clear the Scar and return the available Echoes. After returning the first 8, a big wave of Scars will spawn, along with a special Scar. Kill the special marked one to drop a key that opens four cages containing the remaining Echoes. Spawns a chest at the end.

Wait for your entire team at the giant metal door to unlock it and progress. At this point, you can complete Secret #2.

Numerous Scars and Skorpions spawn in the pathway to the next area but can be skipped. At this point, you can complete Secret #1.

Collect the fragments from the tunnels and bring them to the platform. Scar will spawn during this, along with Skorpions. After delivering all of the fragments, defend the area while the relic stabilizes. A chest spawns after this.

Numerous Scars and Skorpions spawn in the pathway to the next area but can be skipped.

Swarm Tyrant

Avoid standing on the platforms, especially at the start. When the Tyrant jumps down, it will deal heavy damage to any players on that platform, likely killing them.

The Swarm Tyrant has the following moves and abilities.

Ability Description
Webs The boss spits webs at random players that ground them and overheat their thrusters. Spam your jump button to break out of the webs.
Adds The boss will climb up to the ceiling and waves of adds will spawn from the three entrances into the room on the ground floor, with a heavier concentration of adds from one of the entrances. Focus on that one to clear out the most adds at once. The boss will reappear after a short time, bursting from one of the ground floor entrances.
Weak Points The three large sacs on its back are weak points, taking increased damage. After taking enough damage, they burst, and the boss is knocked over for a short time and takes increased damage.


  1. In the first underwater tunnel, there is a small hole along the right wall that leads to another tunnel and a small room with an elite/legendary Anrisaur, the only known one in the game.
  2. After clearing the second stage (bring back 12 Echoes) head towards the next section. Once you get near the path that leads to the tunnel (before moving to the next area) veer to the right across the pit towards where the stronghold started. You will find two Scar Scrappers; killing them spawns a Legendary Enforcer.


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