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Treasure Chests also called Loot Chests are reward caches that contain loot rewards. These loot include Javelin Equipment Rewards (weapons, gears, components), Crystals, or Embers. Certain treasure chests also contain crafting materials.

Treasure chests guarantee rewards, unlike the loot drops obtained from defeating enemies. However, the loot rarity depends on the level of difficulty of the game mode.

Their location on the radar or the HUD is indicated using Loot Chest.png.

Stronghold Treasure Chests

Strongholds Treasure Chest.png

Each stronghold has two checkpoints for loot chest spawn. These points are usually located just after a mini-boss or a horde spawn or solving a puzzle.

At the end of a stronghold, Elysian Caches can spawn, which contain cosmetics, crafting materials and emotes. These caches are usually available only for limited time periods. However, they can only be opened using Elysian Keys.

In competitive strongholds, the golden grabbit is also denoted as a treasure chest, however it only rewards with cymatic notes.

Mission Treasure Chests

Legendary Missions Treasure Chest.png

After completing Legendary Contracts and Legendary Missions, a loot chest will always spawn. Unless this chest is opened, the mission will not be considered complete.

Certain Legendary Missions, such as the Emerald Abyss missions have a yellow chevron like regular missions hovering above the chest instead of the regular purple chevron.

Chests do not spawn during story missions or contracts. However, the Contract: Field Work occasionally has a mission where an Arcane Vault is to be unlocked. At the end of this particular mission, the arcane vault will become a loot chest.

Freeplay World Event Treasure Chests

Freeplay World Event Chest.png

Freeplay World Events will always spawn a loot chest at their completion. There is no limit to how many chest a Freeplay Session can spawn, but each world event will only reward one chest.

The type of rewards received depends on the event difficulty: A 3 star event will always rewards more loot than a 2 star or 1 star event.

And depending on the type of the event, the color of the chest will also be different.

Hidden Treasure Chests

Unlike the other chests, these hidden chests can be encountered randomly outside Fort Tarsis. There are specific spots where they can spawn, but, their presence is chosen at random. They can also be present under water.

These hidden chests can be found during missions and freeplay, and even conjunctions.

They usually contain 2 Embers, however, they can also drop at-most 2 javelin equipment loot instead of the embers. For pilots under level 30, they can drop crafting resources instead.

Cataclysm Event Treasure Chest

In case a cataclysm is formed, the events happening within it not only rewards points and special currency at the end, but also reward chests for destroying the barricaded crystal to complete the cataclysm event.

In Echoes of Reality, there are 7 chests in total, 1 corresponding to each event.

Conjunction Treasure Chest

Conjunction Chests.png

These are special chests available only inside conjunctions. There are barricaded, and will only open when a Tier is completed. Each tier will reward a chest with better loot quality and quantity. These 3 chests are always next to each other.

During the Echoes of Reality cataclysm, these conjunction chests also included minor crystal rewards.

In the case of The Undying event, there is only 1 Tier. So all 3 chests will be rewarded at the end of the Tier. In the case of No One Likes Spiders, there is only one Treasure Chest which looks like a Stronghold Chest.

Since update 1.7.0, all Tier 1 treasure chests have been converted to Bastion Hidden Chests, which means they can only reward two items.

Time Trial Reward Treasure Chest

Time Trial Treasure Chest.png

These chests are rewards for completing a time trial before the timer ends.

Depending on the rank obtained at the end of the trial, the quality of the loot always changes. However, it does not mean that the loot from these boxes can't be of legendary rarity if Gold Time is not achieved.

At the end of the race, the loot is shot out of these boxes and no interaction is required by the player to obtain the rewards. These Reward Chests always look open.