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The Sheer Size of A Titan is Monumental

Titans are monstrous sentient Fauna categorized as Elementals. Titans are created during intense cataclysm or Shaper related activities. Titans are sometimes even called Anzu by Arcanists, however, there is no consensus or proof of them being one.

Titans are living creatures, and have a metallic blood that flows through them. When this blood solidifies on a Titan's death, one of the strongest material ever to exist called Corium is formed.

Cortex and Lore

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Check Cortex Entry: Titan for More Information

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Currently, only Ash Titans are revealed. However, the Art of Anthem has revealed other element types, including a vegetation type. During the Icetide of 468 LV, a frost variety called Ice Titan was revealed in the cortex entries. The Radio Show called Dawnguard has references to a Mordant Titan within the show as an enemy.

Titan Levels

  • Lesser Titans
  • Elite Lesser Titans
  • Legendary Lesser Titans
  • Ancient Titans
  • Elite Ancient Titans
  • Legendary Ancient Titans

Types of Ash Titans

Named Titans

There are several Legendary Titans found throughout the game and outside the walls in Coda. The following are some of the named Titans:


  • Lesser Ash Titans are formed when a piece of Ancient Ash Titans break.
  • There are Titans larger than Ancient Titans that haven't been shown in the game yet.

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