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The following is a timeline of the Anthem setting.

The Time of the Shapers

The Age of Chaos

  • Shapers relic continue to channel the Anthem's energies, creating creatures called the Anzu. It is argued that the Anzu were created by the Shapers for a specific purpose or were the result of a Cataclysm. Some even believe humanity was created by a Cataclysm as well but no one knows for certain.

The Rule of the Urgoth

  • The Age of Chaos ended with the rise of the Urgoth, who established dominance over the continent of Mirrus and enslaved humanity, using them to handle ember-based tech.

The Legion of Dawn

  • The Human Resistance worked secretly worked with ember over generations as they plotted to free humanity from the rule of the Urgoth.
  • Eventually, these inventor-scientists, who later became known as Arcanists, created the first Javelins.
  • 500 years before the present day,[2] the Legion of Dawn overthrow the Urgoth and guides humanity through this trying time, constructing a series of fortified settlements to keep them safe from the perils of their world.[3]
  • The Freelancers form, having splintered off from the Legion.[4]

Recent History

207 LV

297 LV

380 LV

384 LV

  • Honor Valley Dam was built.

389 LV

392 LV

  • Skystone Lock has been captured by outlaws.

413 LV

423 LV

437 LV

444 LV

464 LV

  • Skystone Lock has been captured by Scars.

466 LV

  • First attempt to shut down the Cenotaph, this is also the introduction mission.