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There's a time trial starting close by if you're interested.

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Time trials are javelin flying skill challenges introduced in the Season of Icetide. There are 8 locations available to test the flying skills of all 4 javelins. The Map shows the location of these 'Runs'.

Beating Bronze, Silver and Gold times will reward a freelancer with crystals and cosmetics, through completing Seasonal Challenges.

Time Trial Runs

Northern Bastion's Time Trial Locations

There are 8 time trials across Northern Bastion.

A javelin has to move through checkpoints: green ring with a black and white chevron (see the icon below). these checkpoint rings light up in green to indicate that it is the next one. Each trial has to be accepted for it to start and the javelin needs to be on the starting platform.


Reward Chest and Score Console

Each time trial has its own Bronze, Silver, and Gold time. However, these times are same for all the javelins. For a rank to be achieved, the time of completing the time trial must be lesser than the Bronze/Silver/Gold times. Even if they are the exact time, the will be awarded only with the previous rank.

If the bronze time exceeds, there will be a few seconds added, after which the time trial is considered to have failed and the lancer must restart. Before the trial begins, there is a short waiting period. 10 seconds before the trial begins, Faye will cue its start.

The trial resets every 1 minute of its completion or after the additional time once the Bronze time ends. So it can be performed many times without having to wait for long.


Time Trial.png Inactive Time Trial.png Time Trial Check Point.png Time Trial Finish.png Challenge Achievement - Copy (2).png
Time Trial Location Time Trial Inactive Time Trial Checkpoint Time Trial Finish Line Time Trial Achievement

When a time trial is already progressing or activated by another lancer, then a second lancer cannot join them if the trial has already begun. In that case, the trial will show up as inactive. However, a second/third/fourth lancer can join the trial if they all activate it before the setup timer (usually, 10-30 seconds after activation, shown in red) finishes countdown.

Trial Features

Time Trials have several features to make them interesting.

  • Checkpoints: These show up as green circles. A new check point is activated if the previous one was touched by the javelin, even if it is just the edge of the circle, or if a javelin passes through it. Otherwise, a new checkpoint won't show up.
  • Shaper Nodes: these electrically charged obstacles can hinder a javelin's progress by overheating its thrusters if the nodes are touched even a little bit. Destroy them or avoid them.
  • Cooling Pods: There are several cooling pods in case a javelin's thrusters heat up or if they are shot down by an enemy or if they touch an electrically charged Shaper Node. Multiple nodes can be present as obstacles.
  • Platforms: There is one platform to initiate the time trial, and a second one at the end of the trial.
  • Activation Console: The Activation console glows red when the Time Trial hasn't begun. When activated, it glows green. It is setup on the start platform.
  • Score Console: The score console glows green and shows your best time on all 4 javelins on each time trial. It is setup on the end platform.
  • Treasure Chest: If a trial is completed within the time limit mentioned in the objective, then the reward chest automatically dispenses rewards at reaching the time trial's end platform.

Time Trial Challenges

These Season of Icetide Challenges reward with crystals and cosmetics.

  • Trial: Bronze Flyer
  • Trial: Silver Flyer
  • Trial: Gold Flyer
  • Trial: Ranger Gold
  • Trial: Colossus Gold
  • Trial: Storm Gold
  • Trial: Interceptor Gold
  • Trial: Icetide Champion
  • Frost Warrior
  • Frost Master


  • At the launch of Time Trials during the Season of Icetide, the initial countdown timer was 60 seconds long. It was reduced in a mid-season update to at most 30 seconds.
  • If there is only one player in a Freeplay instance, then the countdown timer only has 10 seconds.
  • Standing below the jets of a floating time trail platform can put a javelin under the Burning status. In fact, it can prime enemies with a Fire prime.
  • During time trials, often times, fellow Freelancers in the vicinity help each other out by destroying the Shaper Nodes or defeating enemies to reduce the end time!
  • The better the time, the higher the chances of getting better rewards at the end.
  • The time trial can fail if it is not completed before the timer in the objective ends.