Infiltrate a Scar nest and defeat the Escari Scelos.

— Expedition Page


Your first task is to destroy the three Turrets in the first room. After clearing the remaining Scar, destroy the six alarms as quickly as possible.


The Gatekeeper spawns with a pack of Scar scouts and scrappers. Burn down the adds ASAP and use heavy hitting skills on the Gatekeeper. He drops a key that opens the door to the next area, where you will find a chest.

Continuing down the hall, you need to gather three fuel cells and deliver them to move to the next area. There is a lot of trash on the way, which can be skipped.

Collect the bombs to blow up the door. The bombs won't activate until all remaining Scars in the room are killed. A chest spawns after opening the door.

Destroy four more turrets before proceeding down more corridors with lots of trash mobs that can be skipped. Once you get to the final room, clear out the Scar to start the boss fight.


Scelos uses the following moves and mechanics. The boss is immobile in the center of the room during the start of the fight, but can still use its abilities at range.

Ability Description
Generators Three generators with spinning fan-blades spawn around the room. Provides a shield to Scelos, preventing damage. Avoid standing beneath the fan-blades as they deal heavy damage. Respawn periodically throughout the fight; each time this happens, spawns a group of Scar Adds.
Scar Adds Spawns a pack each time a Generator respawns. The further into the fight, the more adds and the more dangerous they become.
Laser Beam Targets a random player with a red laser. After a few seconds, shoots them for heavy damage if they are in sight. Players should dodge before being hit or LoS behind the terrain ASAP.
Weak Spot Two of the four legs have smaller plates on them (the "front" legs). Shooting these plates deals weak spot damage.


None currently known.


  • Faye: "Patching in our Corvus contact."
  • Sev: "Freelancer, the name’s Sev. I was hoping we could meet in person but I see you’re eager to get started."
  • Sev: "Corvus has been tracking an Escari called Scelos. We got the jump on it, but Scelos retreated to these caves."
  • Sev: "My team’s built for ambushes, not sieges."
  • Freelancer: "At least you know your shortcomings."
  • Sev: "Scelos is wounded but there’s an entire swarm backing it up. You’ve got your work cut out for you."
  • Sev: "The swarm will protect Scelos at any cost."
  • Freelancer: "Pretty loyal for a bunch of bugs."
  • Sev: "They're actually..."
  • Faye: "Skip the biology lesson and focus on the turrets."
  • Freelancer: "Hope you weren't expecting a covert mission."
  • Sev: "I know who I hired."
  • Freelancer: "Is that a no?"
  • Faye: "Destroy the alarms or you'll be overwhelmed."
  • Freelancer: "Got one."
  • Sev: "I don't need a status update every time."
  • Freelancer: "That was for Faye."
  • Sev: "Oh."
  • Faye: "Five more, Freelancer."
  • Faye: "He looks...friendly."
  • Freelancer: "Does he though?"
  • Sev: "Nothing but meat and potatoes behind that shield."
  • Sev: "Stagger him...and then dig in."
  • Faye: "Interesting metaphor."
  • Sev: "What? I'm hungry."
  • Freelancer: "Can we not talk about food right now?"
  • Sev: "See? That wasn't so hard."
  • Freelancer: "Says the backseat driver."
  • Faye: "Hold on. I'm detecting extremely high energy readings further in."
  • Sev: "Dammit. This speeds up our timetable."
  • Freelancer: "Why? What's happening?"
  • Sev: "There are records of a Shaper Construct in this area."
  • Sev: "Just a hunch, but I think Scelos might use it to cause a Cataclysm."
  • Faye: "(Sighs) Of course. Corvus doesn't do simple missions."
  • Sev: "It's not like I told Scelos the Construct was here."
  • Faye: "Those javelins...they butchered them."
  • Freelancer: "Wonder what happened to the lancers."
  • Sev: "They're dead."
  • Faye: "And you know that how?"
  • Sev: "Corvus, remember?"
  • Freelancer: "Let’s just keep moving."
  • Sev: "They jammed the door, brute force isn’t gonna cut it."
  • Faye: "Not every problem has to be solved with a hammer, if we restart the power it should fix itself."
  • Sev: "Look fo fuel, Scars love it almost as much as relics."
  • Freelancer: "Look at all these barrels just lying around."
  • Faye: "They could at least organize them."
  • Sev: "Yeah, scars don’t really do that."
  • Sev: "Try filling up the pump, freelancer."
  • Faye: "And, we’re in."
  • Sev: "Hey, congratulations, you opened a door."
  • Freelamcer: "Hey! Don’t knock the little wins! They’re important. For morale."
  • Freelancer: "Wow. *coughs* Need to recirculate the air in my javelin."
  • Faye: "*gags* Please do."
  • Freelancer: "Found the source of the smell."
  • Faye: "Rotten meat, lovely."
  • Sev: "Aah, a Scar delicacy."
  • Freelancer: "Where is everybody?"
  • Faye: "Relieving themselves? Considering what’s on the menu."
  • Sev: "From what we can tell Scars prefer meat that's gone off."
  • Freelancer: "Why do you know these things?"
  • Freelancer: "We’re locked in."
  • Sev: "Uuh, I found the Scars."
  • Freelancer: "Thanks Sev, very helpful."
  • Faye: "I’ve got an idea, but it’s definitely not covert."
  • Sev: "Told you, Not a priority."
  • Faye: "And freelancer, it might cave you in."
  • Freelancer: "Calculated risk."
  • Faye: "The structural integrity of that wall is weak. See those explosives? Blow the damn thing."
  • Freelancer: "Yes Ma'am!"
  • Faye: "Freelancer, You need to grab the explosives."
  • Freelancer: "Explosives in place."
  • Sev: "Wow, gave yourself plenty of time, huh?"
  • Freelancer: "It’s a default setting!"
  • Faye: "Focus, please."
  • Faye: "Explosives primed. Get back freelancer."
  • Freelancer: "Way’s clear."
  • Faye: "And you’ve still got all your fingers and toes."
  • Sev: "Always a plus."
  • Faye: "*gags* Oh, looks like we’ve tapped into a primitive sewer system."
  • Freelancer: "More than looks like it."
  • Faye: "Good news is we’re closing in on the construct. And probably more scars, but that’s to be expected."
  • Freelancer: "Sev. I wan't it noted that I'm literally walking through shit for you!"
  • Sev: "Noted."
  • Freelancer: "*Breathes deaply* Fresh Air! Are we close?"
  • Faye: "Yes. Energy readings are climbing."
  • Freelancer: "Sev. Why would Scelos starts a cataclysm?"
  • Sev: "I don’t know, but it's not the first Escari to try. I’ve never seen a swarm of this seize. And considering their defences… this place must mean something."
  • Sev: "Uuuh, that’s Scelos but…"
  • Freelancer: "But…"
  • Sev: "It didn’t have a tank before. Thet’s new."
  • Faye: "It’s also partly organic."
  • Freelancer: "What?"
  • Faye: "Sceelos isn’t just the pilot, it and the tank are fused together."
  • Sev: "It must have entomed itself to heal its wounds."
  • Freelancer: "Cool theory, can I still kill it?"
  • Sev: "Yes. It’ll just be a more complicated endeavour."
  • Sev: "Okay, I know I’m a shaper novice, but that’s not normal, right?"
  • Faye: "Freelancer, the cataclysm’s begun. It’s spawning scars."
  • Sev: "Wait, the construct can do that? Create scars?"
  • Faye: "It can do anything."
  • Sev: "That’s what Scelos is after. It wants to create an army."
  • Faye: "It’s over. The concstruct is silent and Scelos is no more."
  • Sev: "Spikey bastard got what it deserved."
  • Freelancer: "We should inform the arcanists about the tank. And that the construc was spawning scars."
  • Sev: "I’ll put it in my report. But first, how about a round of celebratory drinks?"
  • Faye: "As long as corvus is paying."
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