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Investigate Harken's facility and stop the Dominion.
— Expedition Page


In the first room, clear out the Dominion while standing in circle to enable flight once again. After clearing out the enemies, travel through the door to the East into the second room, where you'll need to clear out all the enemies again.

After clearing out enemies this time, you'll need to complete a puzzle by activating pressure plates in a specific order. Interacting with one of the terminals will show you which order to activate them in. Once that is complete, a hatch will open on the tube in the center of the room. Jump in and swim to the top; the exit will be along one of the walls, and not through the roof. Clear out the few enemies in this room and travel through the doorway to the South to the next room.

In this room there's another puzzle, where you will need to interact with the rods in the floor to lower them. All rods must be lowered to finish the puzzle, but they will rise again after a short time. Players will need to work together to lower them at the same time (at least 2 players working together) while clearing out the enemies in the room. After finishing the puzzle, travel through the tunnel to the North where there is a handful of enemies to defeat and another water conduit on the North side of the room. The enemies can be skipped if desired.

In the next room, there will be a horde of Dominion to clear out, including a handful more turrets. Clear them out and travel through the pond in the next area to reach the next puzzle room. Here, you'll need to press a button when the glowing symbol reaches the matching glowing symbol spinning opposite on the big wheel. When you do it correctly, the symbol will also start glowing and move with the first symbol. If you mess up, the wheel will reset. There are three wheels to align to finish this puzzle before you can move to the next room.

Travel through the water conduit again before you pass through a plain tunnel to get to a tunnel full of purple lasers. The lasers will adjust themselves periodically, but you have time to adjust between them so you aren't hit. In the tunnel after the lasers is another chest, along with a handful of enemies. The tunnel leads to the final room before the boss.

This room is very tall, and you need to collect 12 echoes and deliver them to the relic near the top, on a platform extending from the conduit in the center. There are more echoes than necessary, so don't worry about collecting all of them. Delivering all of them opens up another door into the water conduit just behind the relic.

Travel through this final conduit to reach the last room, where you will fight The Unfathomed, an oversized Fury.

The Unfathomed

The Unfathomed uses the following moves and mechanics.

Ability Description
Weakpoint Target the numerous metalic additions on the boss' back and right arm to deal weakpoint damage.
Purple Beams The boss will occasionally lift an arm up and shoot beams of purple light from it in multiple directions around the room, often targeting javelins.
Gates The boss will go invulnerable and spawn 5 gates around the hatch used to enter the room. The gates will continuously spawn Storm Elementals until destroyed.
Shaper Orbs Numerous super-charged lightning orbs will appear that need to be killed. Avoid standing in them as they deal damage, and they will shoot projectiles at players until killed.
Tantrum The boss will pound its fist into the ground before it, dealing damage in a large AoE.

Advice and Tips

  • The boss can teleport around the room, so be prepared to turn.
  • Towards the end of the fight, the boss will use both Gates and Shaper Orbs together.


None currently known.


  • Faye: "Patching in Sev."
  • Sev: "So, you're a pro at these Corvus assignments now, I guess? Briefings are optional?"
  • Freelancer: "Thanks for the compliment."
  • Sev: "I was being sarcastic."
  • Freelancer: "I know. Okay, fill me in."
  • Sev: "You've heard of Dr. Harken?"
  • Freelancer: "Mastermind behind the attack on Freemark."
  • Freelancer: "Caused the Heart of Rage."
  • Sev: "Corvus sourced blueprints for this construct turned Dominion facility."
  • Freelancer: "Faye? What's happening?"
  • Faye: "They've activated the Construct."
  • Sev: "And, by Construct... do you mean this whole facility?"
  • Faye: "Yes. Energy readings are climbing."
  • Sev: "Harken clearly left some experiments cooking."
  • Sev: "We're in uncharted territory."
  • Freelancer: "Perfect. The Freelancer sweet spot."
  • Sev: "Freelancer? Strangely, this room has no real exits."
  • Sev: "But there is a conduit--"
  • Sev: "You'll need to figure out how to open it."
  • Sev: "Do you see the Shaper relic in the center? Activating that will give you the key."
  • Sev: "The console will show you the key to solving it."
  • Sev: "Find the Shaper relic and reset it."
  • Sev: "Crap. That wasn't it."
  • Sev: "Hey. You helped gather the info to crack it. It's done."
  • Freelancer: "Opened into a water conduit... is that right?"
  • Sev: "Yes. Keep heading up."
  • Freelancer: "Exactly just how far underground, uh, underwater, are we?"
  • Sev: "Well, let me ask you, are you claustrophobic?"
  • Freelancer: "Um..."
  • Sev: "Because I am very claustrophobic."
  • Faye: "Fascinating."
  • Sev: "Ahem. It's a significant distance. Keep heading up."
  • Sev: "Good job, Freelancer. I'm impressed."
  • Faye: "The energy in this place... let's keep moving."
  • Sev: "Freelancer. You've got a Cataclysm brewing nearby."
  • Sev: "Here we are."
  • Sev: "Imminent cataclysm. Shut it down."
  • Faye: "The relic's volatile--keep your eyes open!"
  • Sev: "Silence it! Shut it down!"
  • Freelancer: "Stay cool everyone. We got this."
  • Freelancer: "What's going on with these colored tubes?"
  • Sev: "Shaper. Submerge them to render them inert."
  • Freelancer: "Submerge? It's a floor."
  • Sev: "Just make them go down, and don't let them come back up."
  • Freelancer: "Ah. Science."
  • Sev: "Keep trying. Hold them down longer."
  • Sev: "These experiments... the monsters... what was Harken playing at?"
  • Sev: "They've been trapped down here a long time. What if we'd left it alone?"
  • Sev: "Guess it doesn't really matter now."
  • Faye: "That's done. Nice work."
  • Sev: "I have fresh Dominion communications intercepted by Corvus."
  • Sev: "There's something big here. They're determined to protect it."
  • Freelancer: "Anything more specific?"
  • Sev: "We know Dr. Harken was one of the Dominion's best. He's also immoral, deviant, and cold."
  • Sev: "Short answer? Not sure, but nothing good."
  • Sev: "Holy shit! What was that?"
  • Freelancer: "Settle down, we got this."
  • Freelancer: "[Pause] But seriously... what was that?"
  • Sev: "Bad."
  • Freelancer: "Remind me to thank Corvus for their scientific precision."
  • Faye: "Powerful Dominion backup heading your way."
  • Sev: "Conduit's our only way out."
  • Sev: "Conduit's the only way out again."
  • Sev: "You need to match the symbols to open the tube."
  • Freelancer: "How much higher? We must be getting close to the surface..."
  • Sev: "Well, increased Shaper energy says you're close to... something."
  • Freelancer: "Wait. What exactly?"
  • Sev: "The stronger the energy... the larger the abomination?"
  • Sev: "Harken started the Heart of Rage. If this was his testing ground, anything is possible."
  • Freelancer: "Is it me or are things getting...weirder?"
  • Sev: "Weirder than Shaper chaos? Weird is how we make our living."
  • Sev: "The info that I've managed to gather on Dr. Harken is interesting."
  • Sev: "We're not home free yet. The Shaper energy is extra intense."
  • Sev: "I can understand why he chose this underground construct."
  • Freelancer: "There it is again."
  • Freelancer: "Not sure I want to meet whatever that is."
  • Sev: "Shaper energy is unbelieveable. Prepare to meet the apex of Harken's wild experiments."
  • Sev: "Good luck Freelancer."
  • Freelancer: "Faye? Sev? Are you seeing this? It's not ordinary Fury."
  • Freelancer: "Never seen one like this."
  • Sev: "There's no way out of there. Have fun."
  • Sev: "Me? I'd be screaming already."
  • Sev: "Enemies incoming! Take out the gates."
  • Sev: "Freelancer! Those Shaper orbs are suddenly super-charged."
  • Sev: "Doing great. You're getting it."
  • Sev: "Freelancer! Look! Now's your chance."