Stop the Monitor from reaching the Cenotaph.
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Ancient Ash Titan

After clearing out the Dominion trash mobs at the start of the stronghold, engage with a Legendary Ancient Ash Titan. A chest appears after defeating it.

After another wave of trash, you lose your flight capabilities. Defend a location to disable the device and regain flight to continue to the next area.

Hoarder and Keeper

After a few more waves of trash mobs, collect 10 Echoes and deliver them to the Shaper relic. After collecting them all, two named Dominion Furies will spawn: Hoarder and Keeper. They drop the keys necessary to progress. A chest appears after defeating them.

The Monitor

In the next room, you finally encounter the Monitor. He has 3 distinct phases, during which he uses the following moves and mechanics.

Phase 1: Fire

Ability Description
Autoattack Will swing it before him in large frontal cones. Avoid standing in front.
Fire Orbs Spawns stationary fire orbs around the arena, occasionally on top of players. Dodge or fly away from them to avoid.
Fire Meteors Numerous meteors will land with a massive red AoE around them. They can be destroyed by attacking them. The Monitor will raise his hands in the air before dropping them to signal when they explode.
Explosion Signals the start of Phase 2. Happens when the monitor reaches ~75% HP and teleports away. Shortly after, the current arena will explode in a massive AoE that can one-shot players. Be high in the air or follow him to the next area to avoid.

Advice and Tips

  • You can either avoid the Fire Meteors or kill them.
  • Phase 2 starts when the Monitor reaches ~75% and uses Explosion.

Phase 2: Acid

Ability Description
Acid Floor The floor of the arena is acid. Standing in it applies a DoT.
Acid Throw The Monitor will lob acid at players from a distance.
Elementals An elemental will spawn on each of the five platforms. These will chase players and explode in a large AoE after reaching them. Kill before they can reach you.

Advice and Tips

  • The Monitor may be be immune to Acid during this phase.
  • Phase 3 starts when the Monitor reaches ~50%. Must clear out the remaining Elementals before you can continue.

Phase 3: Lightning

Ability Description
Lightning Pulse massive lightning pulses will cover almost the entire ground floor, making it dangerous to stand on. Players should seek higher ground while Storms should remain higher in the air while hovering to avoid.
Lightning Orbs Stationary orbs that spawn near players. Explode to electrify them. Dodge quickly to avoid.
Boost Bubbles Four of these are available around the arena, boosting your damage while inside the bubble. They do not protect you from damage.

Advice and Tips

  • Two of the Boost Bubbles are in range of the frequent Lightning Pulse attacks.
  • This phase ends when the Monitor reaches ~25% HP.


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