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The Freelancer as seen in promotional materials

The Freelancer (simply titled "Freelancer") is the player character of Anthem.


The Freelancer has a long history with Haluk.[1] At first, he didn't want to be their mentor.[2] They similarly met Owen on a job.[3]


Players can choose from "multiple genders" for their pilot. The hair and face can be customized, but not the body.[4] Pre-set appearance options are available.[2] Some of the "lighter" Javelin suits will have their in-game appearance adjusted based on the chosen gender.[5] However, the pilot will rarely be seen in-game.[6] Players can have up to three Freelancer pilots per account.

The Freelancer is, as their name suggests, a member of the Freelancers. They have a pre-game backstory, and are the focus of the game's narrative.[7] Per the game's dialogue system, players have some level of control over how the Freelancer behaves, but this isn't open-ended (Freelancers are expected to act like Freelancers).[2]


Prior to development, the Freelancer was intended to have a character progression system utilizing levels separate from Javelins. The perks chosen would affect the Javelin's stats (e.g. allowing it to fly longer). The pilot had a maximum level they could reach.[4]


  • The Freelancer appears to be short in stature, especially in a Ranger next to a Sentinel or in a Colossus next to a Scar Enforcer. This means that, like Haluk, the Freelancer needs a custom-built javelin to compensate for their size.