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Founding of Fort Tarsis is a Holiday Event that celebrates the Anniversary of the launch of Anthem.

Cortex Entry

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Check Cortex Entry: Festive: Founding of Fort Tarsis (Challenges) for More Information

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Freelancers celebrate the anniversary of Fort Tarsis' foundation the only way they can: by continuing the Legion of Dawn's work.

Participate in this festive event by gaining reputation with each faction and completing contracts.

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For a Collection of similar Cortex Entries, See: Festive (Challenges)

Rewards (2020 Only)

These rewards were only available in 2020 and would not show up again. In 2020, the Anniversary event also rewarded all its players with the first ever Legendary Wraps: One each for the 4 javelin Types. It also gave away an epic material. These items were available immediately upon logging into Anthem and checking the Forge. They were only available to claim until March 24th 2020, and wouldn't be available after the daily reset of March 24th 2020.

Material Rarity Javelin Image
Layered: Painted Metallic Flake Epic.png Ranger Icon.pngColossus Icon.pngStorm Icon.pngInterceptor Icon.png
Layered- Painted Metallic Flake (Material).png
Wrap Name Rarity Javelin Image
Wrap: Empowered Ranger Legendary.png Ranger Icon.png
Empowered Ranger.png
Wrap: Empowered Colossus Legendary.png Colossus Icon.png
Empowered Colossus.png
Wrap: Empowered Storm Legendary.png Storm Icon.png
Empowered Storm.png
Wrap: Empowered Interceptor Legendary.png Interceptor Icon.png
Empowered Interceptor.png

Forge Changes

Many Vinyls, Materials, and Emotes are included to be purchased in the Forge, but only using the in-game currency, Coin.

Fort Tarsis also has Spring themed decorations with potted plants found everywhere, and new Floral Banner flying throughout the fort, while pink flower petals are scattered everywhere-- some even fluttering in the air.

Northern Bastion (Freeplay World) also has minor spring changes. All trees are now green, but many trees also have pink flowers blooming on them. The sky is still cloudy like Icetide.

Festive Events

A Festive challenge called Festive: Founding of Fort Tarsis was also launched, starting from this year. It would continue to show up each year around teh time of Anthem's anniversary. The year 1 cosmetic rewards were limited time only.