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Gear 3 Icon.png

Support abilities are used to assist user and ally Javelin to perform better during combat. They are usually categorized as Gear 3 and occasionally called Support Gear, even though Ranger's support is also called Support Gear by default.

There are a total of 8 lower level and 8 upgraded supports. The total support abilities when considering rarities and maximum power levels is 48.

Note: The icon used here is only to differentiate between Gear 1 and Gear 2. There is only one gear icon used in the game. Look at Gallery for the correct representation used in-game.

Support Types

Apart from the rarity of the supports, there are two types of Support gears for each javelin:

  • Offensive Support
  • Defensive Support

Offensive Support

Offensive Support abilities are used to increase the damage output of a javelin through increasing item damage, recharge time, debuffs etc.

Defensive Supports

Defensive Support abilities are used to guard javelins from the incoming enemy attacks or improve a javelin's survival capabilities.

Ranger Support

Ranger Support is called Support Gear.

The Ranger Deploys a barrier or a field around allies or itself to provide support.

Support Gears of Ranger Icon.png Ranger
Support Type Maximum Rarity
Bulwark Point Defensive Epic
Muster Point Offensive Epic
Vanguard's Rampart Defensive Legendary
Tarsis' Last Stand Offensive Legendary

Colossus Support

Colossus Support is called Heavy Support Gear.

The Colossus unleashes an attention drawing noise or a surge of shielding energy around its allies.

Heavy Support Gears of Colossus Icon.png Colossus
Support Type Maximum Rarity
Shield Pulse Defensive Epic
Battle Cry Offensive Epic
Surging Shield Defensive Legendary
Berserker's Cry Offensive Legendary

Storm Support

Storm Support is called Support Seal.

The Storm casts a wall of barrier or a field around itself or its allies to support them.

Support Seals of Storm Icon.png Storm
Support Type Maximum Rarity
Wind Wall Defensive Epic
Quickening Field Offensive Epic
Howling Veil Defensive and Offensive Legendary
Anthem's Grace Offensive Legendary

Interceptor Support

Interceptor Support is called Support System.

The Interceptor lets fly a weakening beacon or a sound wave of energy to support its allies.

Support System of Interceptor Icon.png Interceptor
Support Type Maximum Rarity
Rally Cry Defensive Epic
Target Beacon Offensive Epic
Voice of Courage Defensive Legendary
Slayer's Furor Offensive Legendary


  • Howling Veil is a unique support item that deflects any damage done to it back to an enemy while shielding all allies. When it expires, it detonates a combo, effectively making the only offensive and defensive support item.
  • Voice of Courage is the upgraded Rally Cry. while Rally cry releases a pulse of yellow ring of light, Voice of Courage releases a green ring of light. This makes it the only support ability that have a different appearance between its lower and upgraded versions.