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Strongholds are instanced missions in Anthem, defined to be among the most challenging content. They are high-level in difficulty, designed for team play,[1] expected to be completed in 35-40 minutes.[2] A matchmaking system is employed to team up with other players to do a stronghold mission. A scoring system is used in the competitive version of these missions.[3]

They are intended to be end-game content.[4] It is advantageous to have a variety of Javelins present, but it isn't required to beat a stronghold.[5] Once a stronghold is completed, it is accessible for reinforcing players in Quickplay Stronghold. Strongholds offer the most amount of loot in Anthem apart from Cataclysms. Some loot is exclusive to strongholds.[6]

Soe quickplay stronghold.png

Strongholds are not related to the game's main narrative, but do have story-related elements.[7]

To enter a Stronghold, select its icon from the Expedition Map.

The basic flow for completing a Stronghold is: fight through waves of enemies, complete various tasks, and take on the end boss.[8]

List of Strongholds