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Story Missions or Critical Path Missions are the missions which tell the story of the Legend of the Heart of Rage. In the Cortex under the Main section Journal, they are listed as Critical Objectives.

These missions are designed in such a way that players will get used to the different types of interfaces and mechanisms present in Anthem.

These quests and other missions are designed so that all players have access to all content once the 6th mission, Incursion, is completed. There are a total of 26 Critical Path objectives

List of Story Missions in Order

  1. Silence the Heart of Rage
  2. Early Warnings
  3. Welcome to Fort Tarsis
  4. Lost Arcanist
  5. Lighting A Fire
  6. Incursion
  7. Lending a Hand
  8. Finding Old Friends
  9. Meeting With Corvus
  10. Tombs of the Legionnaires
  11. The Tomb of General Tarsis
  12. The Fortress of Dawn
  13. Triple Threat
  14. Inverse Functions
  15. Convergence
  16. Crafting The Dawn Shield
  17. Mysterious Beginnings
  18. Dear Diary
  19. Vanishing Act
  20. Freelancer Down
  21. Repairs and Inspiration
  22. Return to the Heart of Rage

Additional Critical Path Missions

Once Return to the Heart of Rage is completed, additional missions in the form of challenges are unlocked. These missions tell the story of the Legion of Dawn through the words of the Bard.

  1. Legends of The Legionnaires
  2. Challenges of the Legionnaires: Valor
  3. Challenges of the Legionnaires: Might
  4. Challenges of the Legionnaires: Resolve