"Mysterious and devastating, the Storm javelin uses powerful seal technology to blast enemies with the raw fury of the Anthem."
– Anonymous

Storm is a combo-chaining, sniper javelin.


"The Storm is the latest in javelin design, using ember-cored seals to harness the power of the elements. Its ability to float above combat compensates for its light armor. Operated by a skilled lancer, the javelin's lightning, ice, and other elemental attacks make it an invaluable tool against the Dominion."
– Suit description
Developed by the Dominion in their northern home of Stralheim, the Storm uses seal technology to boost the latent kinetic powers of its pilot. The result is a javelin that can float effortlessly above the ground and unleash the raw energy of the Anthem of Creation itself.[1] By manipulating kinetic energy, the Storm is able to maintain a low hover and remain mobile and combat-effective while in mid-air. This allows the pilot to keep the distance from their enemies and keep a clear vantage point over the entire battle.[2]

Rumor of the Storm eventually reached Fort Tarsis.[2] Only through painstaking Arcanist research has anyone outside the Dominion had a chance to wield the Storm's awesome potential. And while the Storm can channel unbelievable amounts of energy, it has little in the way of defensive capabilities and requires an expert pilot to stay above the fight and dish out damage from a safe distance.[1] With its elemental power and minimal armor, the Storm has a reputation for being a tempestuous javelin that can spell disaster for even experienced pilots. But ask anyone who’s survived a fight with one and they’ll tell you that there’s no doubting the strength of the Storm.[2]


The Storm is analogous to a 'mage' class. While fragile, the Storm can utilize elemental abilities (Cryokinetic, Electrokinetic and Pyrokinetic abilities). The Storm can hover effortlessly unlike any other javelin but it is more vulnerable to melee damage.

"Matti: Brilliant choice! Lighting at your fingertips? Fearsome! The seals the Storm utilizes are based on tech smuggled in from Stralheim.
Freelancer: Dominion tech?
Matti: Heliost-engineered and Arcanist-enhanced to use Dominion's knowledge against them. Delicious revenge.
Freelancer: I can't wait to try it out.
Matti: Just remember, the Storm can't take damage like a big, stompy Colossus.
Freelancer: No fistfights with turrets, then?
Matti: Fistfights are for drunken idiots. You get to harness the elements — throw fire, freeze your enemies...
Freelancer: If the Arcanist helped build it, have you ever tried using one?
Matti: Pfft. I'm not a lancer. I did slip into a javelin once, for a moment. Didn't like the way it made my butt look. No worries, I'm sure you'll make it work!"

– Matti and the Freelancer about Storm


  • Blast Seal
  • Focus Seal
  • Support Seal
  • Elemental Storm (ultimate): The Storm calls down a torrent of energy to decimate a targeted area. Manipulating the raw force of the Anthem, the Storm emits successive blasts of frost, electricity, and fire, ending with a meteoric finale. This ability is great when enemies are in a contained area where they’ll all be struck.[3]
  • Teleportation - With its incredible command of kinetic abilities, the Storm can maneuver in the air, moving through space instantaneously to arrive at a new position nearby, evading its enemies.[2]



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