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We live in a dangerous world. The Gods who built it vanished, leaving behind their instruments that aimlessly reshape the land. These ancient relics harness an unknowable force we call the “Anthem of Creation.” But the Anthem refuses to be controlled. To survive, our ancestors invented the javelins, and built cities with great walls. Today, it falls to a dedicated group of heroes to face the chaos, protect our homes, and fight for our very survival.

We are Freelancers.

We leap head-on into danger—rescuing the lost, keeping the monsters at bay, and silencing the Anthem's terrible Cataclysms. But not all Cataclysms are created equal... and even Freelancers are wary of the untamed power of the Anthem.

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Hints and Suggestions

  • Make sure to read the text pop ups that show up with the icon Text Pop Up.png. The camera angle needs to be adjusted to read the text properly.
  • Several Feats and cortex entries unlock during this first mission, which may cause new players confusion. It is recommended to ignore them during this mission and during Early Warnings.
  • This is a tutorial mission. The mission is designed to show how a javelin operates and how to use it, without flight.
  • The voice chosen during thsi mission is permanent and cannot be changed.
  • It is possible to get almost all the feats in thsi mission, except Collection Feat and Materials Harvested Feat. For first time players, it is recommended not to worry about feats until a mission called Freeplay: Tombs of the Legionnaires begins.
  • The Lesser Ash Titan and Ancient Ash Titans encountered before a Titan destroys the wall can be damaged, but not defeated.

Expedition Navigation

These are the locations where the Freelancer begins the expedition, has to perform tasks to advance, and conclude the expedition.

Starting Location
Mid Expedition
Ending Location
  • Freemark Outskirts
  • Haluk's Strider
  • Freemark Ruins
  • Freemark Ruins


Quest Triangle.pngSilence the Heart of Rage

Cortex-critical objective.pngRejoin Your Team
       Ordinary Sub Objective.pngPick Up the Repair Pack
       Ordinary Sub Objective.pngShoot the Fuel Canisters
       Ordinary Sub Objective.pngRepair Freelancer javelins
       Ordinary Sub Objective.pngRepair the 3 Javelins
       Ordinary Sub Objective.pngDefeat Titan
       Ordinary Sub Objective.pngPush On

Cortex Entry

The Cortex Entry shows the description and the outcome of the expedition.

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Check Cortex Entry: Silence the Heart of Rage for More Information

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You are an inexperienced Freelancer. Along with Freelancers Haluk, Adair, and Miller, you've joined a mission to silence a dangerous Cataclysm called the Heart of Rage. This Cataclysm has been churning for eight years as it slowly spreads and threatens Bastion. Under the guidance of your cypher Faye, you must reach the Shaper relic at the center of the storm and silence it.

Outcome: This mission to silence the Heart of Rage is a failure. Miller and Adair—along with most of the other Freelancers—are dead. Many cyphers were gravely injured. You pulled an injured Haluk to safety, saving his life. However, he may never forgive you for ending the mission before reaching the Cenotaph.

Divider 4.png

For a Collection of similar Cortex Entries, See: Critical Objective (Journal)

Quest Chain

This expedition is a part of the Legend of the Heart of Rage Storyline. When the storyline is completed, an appropriate challenge is also completed, which will reward the Freelancer. The following are the related quests in order for this storyline:

  1. Silence the Heart of Rage
  2. Early Warnings
  3. Welcome to Fort Tarsis
  4. Lost Arcanist
  5. Lighting a Fire
  6. Incursion
  7. Lending a Hand
  8. Finding Old Friends
  9. Meeting With Corvus
  10. Freeplay: Tombs of the Legionnaires
  11. The Tomb of General Tarsis
  12. The Fortress of Dawn
  13. Crafting the Dawn Shield
  14. Freelancer Down
  15. Repairs and Inspiration
  16. Return to the Heart of Rage

Trivia (May Contain Spoilers)

  • The cut scenes at the beginning and ending are actually narrated by Jani. This may be done to reflect the 3rd issue (Anthem: Stronger Together) of the Anthem Comics.
  • Haluk is seen wearing a t-shirt in the cutscene when he speaks with everyone (including Faye). In Songs of Icetide it is mistakenly mentioned that Faye has always seen him shirtless ever since she has known him.
  • The line used by Faye, "Ready, Javelin One?" can be heard in the Launch Trailer of Anthem. Javelin One here is Haluk's Colossus, as he is the leader of this mission.
  • There are a total of 4 Strider Teams in this mission.
  • While entering the Freemark Ruins, just before reviving the 3 downed Freelancers, there is a text pop-up of a destroyed javelin from Strider Team 4 that reads:
    • This Freelancer from Strider Four was not so lucky.
  • This is the first time wyverns, ash skorpions, and ash titans are shown in the game.
  • There is a lot of background banter from other Strider Teams to show the graveness of the situation, but they can barely be understood.
  • In a later mission, Faye mentions there were 23 people who participated in this mission--20 Freelancers and 3 Cyphers.
  • List of names of Freelancers who participated this mission except the player character: Haluk (M, Strider 1), Adair (F, Strider 1), Miller (M, Strider 1), Grace (F, Strider 3), Hart (M, Strider 3), Pavic (F, Strider 2), Bencana (F, Strider 2), and Rizzo (M, Strider 2).
  • Out of the 3 Cyphers, only Faye didn't become comatose. The cypher from Strider Two is confirmed male. This also means, that one Cypher was either handling two Strider Teams, simultaneously, or a 4th Cypher survived and didn't go comatose, but been mentioned.
  • Only Ranger, Colossus, and Interceptor javelins are used by the participating Freelancers. Either Storm wasn't used at all, or it was used by a lancer who wasn't shown on screen.
  • This is one of the two known circumstances in-game, where someone who is not the Freelancer has used an interceptor. The other is in Finding Old Friends.

Script and Walkthrough for Silence the Heart of Rage:


A group of lancers piloting javelins stand on the precipice, overlooking the ruined city of Freemark engulfed in a Shaper Storm. Freelancer Grace in her Interceptor and Freelancer Hart in his Colossus along with their squadmate in a Ranger stand before their striders looking at the destructive haze surrounding the ruinss in the Freemark Outskirts.

  • Freelancer Grace: "This is it—close as we get the striders."
  • Freelancer Hart: "Agreed. Looks like we fly from here. Haluk! You hear that?"
  • Haluk: "Yup. All teams, get the cyphers to their amplifiers. Let’s go!"

Inside Haluk’s strider, a worried woman in gray clothing speaks out to someone who opens a door to a cabin.

  • Faye: "Freelancer, we’re a long way from the Cenotaph and the storm is worse than we thought."
  • Haluk: "Okay. This is as close as we’re gonna get to the center without the strider getting ripped to shreds. Let’s go Freelancer. Suit up."
  • Freelancer Miller: "How crazy will this get?"
  • Freelancer Adair: "No idea. Never tried to shut down a cataclysm this big. You?"

The strider hits a bump, almost knocking Faye down. Haluk quickly catches Faye.

  • Haluk: "Woah. Steady, Faye. None of us come out of this alive without our cypher."
  • Faye: "Stay safe out there."
  • Haluk: "(Sighs.)"
  • Faye (to the Freelancer): "Remember, we’re a team. I’m right there with you."

While Faye goes to the amplifier chair, the Freelancer follows Haluk, Adair, and Miller downstairs to the javelin launchpads.

  • Haluk (to the Freelancer): "(Grunts.) Okay Freelancer, You might be new, but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t show promise."
  • Incoming Call (from a woman): "[Loudspeaker] Hey, Haluk, what’s up? Waiting for it to die down out there? Let’s go."
  • Haluk (pushes the intercom button using his walking cane): "Ah… Thought you could use a head start."
  • Incoming Call (from the same woman): "See you at the Cenotaph. We’re heading out."

Haluk then announces to everyone present in the cabin,

  • Haluk: "Okay, everyone, let’s stop this cataclysm from growing, killing everything…"
  • Freelancer Miller: "I don’t know Haluk, haven’t seen anything like this before."
  • Haluk: "Look everyone. I wouldn’t be here if I thought this storm could beat me. Right? The Heart of Rage is no different than the hundreds of other Shaper ruins we’ve dealt with. It’s just… bigger. This is what we do. So we’re going to go there and we’re going to take on whatever unholy beasts it spits at us, and we’re going to tame that thing. Together."
  • Freelancer Adair: "Let’s do it!"
  • Freelancer Miller: "Hell yeah!"
  • Haluk: "Yeah!"
  • Faye: "[Loudspeaker] Ready, Javelin One?"
  • Haluk: "Ahh. Ready. “Strong Alone, Stronger Together.” (Grunts)"

Haluk climbs into his javelin. The Freelancer gets into a Ranger and the launchpad sends them out to the roof of the strider. Everyone is outside their strider, glaring the cataclysm’s destruction.

  • Haluk: "Ready. Set. Let’s go."

The Javelins take off.

  • Faye: "Team. Check in."
  • Freelancer Adair: "I’ve got you Faye, loud and clear."
  • Freelancer Miller: "Yup. Gateway link is strong so far."
  • Faye: "Storm gets worse ahead. Trying to find a calm pocket for you. Steady, Miller. Your heart rate is too high. Haluk, check in please."

The Freelancer is attacked by a flying beast

  • Haluk: "A little busy, Faye. Don’t worry about me. Whoo. Got one."
  • Faye: "Team, our rookie’s tangled with a wyvern."

The Freelancer shoots at the Wyvern, which lets go of its target. When another one garbs the Freelancer, it is show down. The Freelancer crashes to the ground, unharmed, mostly.

  • Faye: "Freelancer? Thank goodness you survived! But your javelin needs a restart. I’ll bring systems back one at a time. Starting voice recognition."

[Select the left option for Female voice, or the right option for Male voice]

  • The Freelancer: "Faye? Faye, can you hear me?"
  • Faye: "Loud and clear. That was a bad fall; how’s your head? You remember the mission?"

The Freelancer gets up. Their javelin is a little damaged, but still functional.

  • The Freelancer: "I think so. Where am I?"
  • Faye: "You’re in a cataclysm, a terrible storm, called the Heart of Rage. You need to get to the center and shut it down by silencing the Cenotaph."
  • The Freelancer: "Got it."

Briefing Gallery

In Expedition

Rejoin Your Team

  • Faye: "Your suit is still critical. Grab a repair pack when you can."

Pick Up the Repair Pack

  • Faye: "You’ve got a bit of a climb to catch up. Haluk?"
  • Haluk: "Yup."
  • Faye: "He’s/She’s up and heading your way."
  • Freelancer Adair: "How’s it going back there? What’s your ETA?"
  • The Freelancer: "Don’t know. Faye?"
  • Faye: "Not too far. Just—oh no, sorry—can’t talk. Be right back."
  • Haluk: "What’s going on?"

When the Freelancer collects a repair pack, the javelin’s health automatically replineshes.

  • Faye: "Good. You have partial boosters, at least."

The Freelancer can now double jump over ledges.

  • Faye: "Team. The Cypher from Strider 2 is down—comatose."
  • Haluk: "His lancers are flying blind?"
  • Freelancer Miller: "Never mind that, Haluk. We’ve got a titan. Holy crap!"
  • Haluk: "Miller! Get your head in the game. Hurry up rookie, we could use the help."
  • The Freelancer: "On my way. Hang tough everyone. Faye, I’ve got debris blocking my path."
  • Faye: "Part of a Dominion strider, from when they attacked the city. Those fuel canisters are explosive, by the way"

If the Freelancer tries to fly,

  • Faye: "No flight boosters yet."

Shoot the Fuel Canisters

The Freelancer must shoot at the fuel canisters to destroy the barricade marked with a Destroy Icon.png destroy icon. The javelin can use weapon, or gear or even the ultimate to do this. When the canisters explode, the barricade is destroyed, and the Freelancer moves forward. They can see several insectoid creatures blazing with fire!

  • Faye: "Team: Update. This is not going well. Many casualties. Freelancers down, cyphers in comas."
  • Freelancer Miller: "Comas?"
  • Faye: "From hearing the Anthem."
  • Haluk: "How are you doing, Faye? Are you okay?"
  • Faye: "So far. But I can hear it too."

When the Freelancer reaches higher ground, they see a monstrosity walking on a broken arch! There are also other monsters walking in the distance. There is also a text pop up while climbing upward.

  • The Freelancer: "What the—! Hey Miller, I found your titan."
  • Freelancer Miller: "This cataclysm is creating ‘em by the handful."
  • The Freelancer: "Faye? You still there?"
  • Faye: "Yes. You’ve got downed Freelancers ahead, sending distress signals. They’re the ones from Strider Two. Their javelins need repair. Get them moving."

Repair Freelancer Javelins

  • Faye: "There’s three altogether. They’re on short distance radio."
  • The Freelancer: "Okay"

The Freelancer must Repair the 3 downed javelins.

  • Faye: "Since I’m not connected to them. I might not be able to guide you."

The Freelancer attempts to repair the javelins of Pavic, Bencana, and Rizzo, while defeating Ash Skorpions. These 3 lancers will have a repair icon Repair Icon.png on them, and they will be on the ground. The revived Freelancers also assist when defeating the Ash Skorpions. After repairing Freelancer Pavic,

  • Freelancer (to Pavic): "Hey—How you doing?"
  • Freelancer Pavic: "You tell me. Everything's grim. I better get back out there"

After repairing Freelancer Bencana,

  • Freelancer (to Bencana): "Hang tight."
  • Freelancer Bencana: "Thanks, brother."
  • The Freelancer: "Your cypher’s in a coma."
  • Freelancer Bencana: "Damn, I’m heading back to the strider."

While Repairing Freelancer Rizzo

  • Freelancer Rizzo: "Hey! I'm down. Can you see me?"
  • Freelancer (to Rizzo): "I got you, Freelancer"
  • Freelancer Rizzo: "We aren’t gonna make it to the Cenotaph."
  • The Freelancer: "Gonna try."

After reviving all 3 Freelancers,

  • The Freelancer: "I took care of all three freelancers. What next?"
  • Faye: "Push on and join you team."

The Freelancer pushed on to encounter a much larger titan on the top of a wall.

Defeat Titan

  • The Freelancer: "How long? Which way? I’ve got a titan on the bridge above."
  • Haluk: "Leave it! We’ve got one up here, too."
  • Freelancer Adair: "They’re all over the place."
  • The Freelancer: "I’ll need to go around. Which way, Faye?"
  • Freelancer Miller: "Faye?"

When the Freelancer tries to fight the titan, it destroys a wall creating a path.

  • The Freelancer: "Never mind. Titan here just blasted the wall out—gave me a short cut."
  • Freelancer Miler: "We really need your help."

The Freelancer runs through the blasted wall and fights more Ash Skorpions on the way.

  • The Freelancer: "Gotcha. On my way. How close am I Faye?"
  • Haluk: "Faye! Adair! Get around to his left."
  • Faye: "The Anthem. It wants to consume me—to show me…"
  • Haluk: "Faye. Snap out of it! What’ve you got for us?"
  • Faye: "Oh, sorry, uh. The whole team from Strider Three is gone."
  • Haluk: "Miller! Pull back. See if we can flank it!"
  • Faye: "Strider Four team is in retreat, if they make it. Mission seems doomed."
  • Freelancer Miller (to the Freelancer): "How far back?! Damn! I’m freaking out!"
  • Haluk: "Then get out of the way. I’ll do it!"
  • Freelancer Adair (to the Freelancer): "Hurry up. Where are you?"
  • The Freelancer: "Trying. I swear."
  • Faye: "It’s all wrong. It’s all done. Come back. Retreat. I… I… I can hear the Anthem of Creation."
  • The Freelancer: "Faye? Are we supposed to fall back?"
  • Haluk: "We’re fine. We push on. Right, team?"

Push On

  • Freelancer Adair: "I’m in."
  • Freelancer Miller: "I’m in."

After defeating any more enemies, the Freelancer hurtles to reach Haluk, Miller, and Adair, only to see them battling a monstrous titan, much bigger than the ones from before!

  • Haluk (to the Freelancer): "Rookie, there you are. Get in here."
  • The Freelancer: "Faye’s calling a retreat."
  • Haluk: "We got this."

Adair shoots the titan.

  • Freelancer Adair: "Almost there."
  • Faye: "Team! You need to retreat."

The titan whacks Miller down.

  • Freelancer Adair: "Miller!"
  • Haluk: "No!"

The Freelancer rushes to aid Miller,

  • The Freelancer: "Not good."
  • Faye (about Miller): "He’s gone. I’m sorry."
  • Freelancer Adair (angrily): "This thing is going down. Come on."

Adair unleashes Micro Missiles at the titan,

  • The Freelancer: "Adair!"
  • Haluk: "No!"

The Titan smashes Adair on the ground, with no signs of her life remaining.

  • Faye: "I can do it. Look at this, Faye! We have to silence the Cenotaph."
  • Faye: "Please. I’m barely holding it together."
  • Haluk: "Retreat isn’t an option. Not now."

Haluk flies behind the Titan, which is preparing to throw an attack. He fires a Burst Mortar at it, defeating it. The titan collapses. The Freelancer confronts Haluk.

  • Haluk: "We got this bastard—"
  • The Freelancer: "We have to get out of here."
  • Haluk: "No. We push on."
  • The Freelancer: "We’re the only ones left!"
  • Haluk: "Think about Miller and Adair, all the others. You’re being a coward."
  • The Freelancer: "I’m no coward."
  • Haluk: "No?"
  • The Freelancer: "You want to push forward until I get killed? Until we both get killed?"

Three new titans—much, much, larger than the one defeated by Haluk—arise from behind a collapsed wall fused with igneous rocks, and fire a beam attack on the arguing duo. Haluk and the Freelancer are pushed to the ground. The titans get closer to the two.

  • The Freelancer: "(Painfully breathes.) Where… where’d that come from? Let’s go. Faye, we’re coming back"

The Freelancer helps Haluk stand up.

  • Haluk: "No!"
  • The Freelancer: "It beat us Haluk. We need to regroup."
  • Haluk: "It can’t beat us. Rookie, don’t you dare pull me out of here!"

The titans follow as the Freelancer pulls Haluk out of there. The mission failed...

Post Expedition

During the failed attempt to silence the Heart of Rage, we lost more than Freelancers, more than friends and comrades. We lost the faith of the people we protect. So the Freelancers scattered, searching for ways to redeem themselves. The few who remained carried on, finding new allies where they could... doing their best to help a people who no longer called the Freelancers "heroes."

Two years pass.

Notes and Remarks

  • The briefing and ending of the expedition is through cut scenes.
  • The dialogs in this expedition will always remain the same as mentioned in this script.