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The Shapers, otherwise known as "gods," are the creators of the world.


It is said that the Shapers set out to create the world in nine days. To do this, they utilized devices that used the Anthem of Creation to create the world. However, they vanished on the third day, leaving their devices behind[1] (supposedly, something went wrong on this day, hence their departure).[2] These devices can be found scattered across the world. However, other beliefs exist concerning the world and its origins.[3] What happened was so long ago that it has passed out of memory and into legend.[4] Many humans are unsure as to whether the Shapers created the Anthem of Creation, or simply used a pre-existing force in their creation of the world. However, it is clear that the Anthem couldn't be contained; not even by the Shapers.[5]

Left unchecked, the Shapers' devices can be devastating;[1] they are far from dormant and activate (or deactivate) randomly, causing cataclysmic changes to the world and creating a hostile environment that makes daily life a constant struggle.[3] How these devices work is unknown to humans, but they can do things beyond mortal understanding. The creation of forests, the gushing of water, the relics have done this. However, they have also caused the mutation of various animals, which have pushed humanity to the brink.[1] Paradoxically, it is from Shaper technology that Javelins were reverse-engineered, allowing humanity to survive the perils of their world.[3]

A Shaper storm raging above one of their relics

The Shapers have a mysterious connection with the Scars.[6]


  • When asked, Mike Gamble stated that the Shapers aren't necessarily a precursor race, in the vein of other precursors BioWare have created. He reiterated that the writers knew the origins and history of the Shapers, but that uncovering them would be part of the game's narrative.[7]
  • Runes drawn by the Shapers can minimally subside the reality collapse of the Echo of Reality, showing that the Shapers could have been the first, and so far only, faction capable of completely manipulating Cataclysms without corrupting themselves.