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We protect the Royal House of Bastion and all its subjects.
We are the arm of the Royal House of Bastion, which must be obeyed.
We bring justice, for without justice there is no order.
And without order, there is anarchy.
— Sentinel vow
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Sentinel Logo

The Sentinels are the protectors of the people within the walls of the cities in Bastion.

In the current day, the Sentinels are the chief upholders of the law throughout the cities and settlements of Bastion,[1] including Antium, where they serve as the city's primary defensive force.[2]

Sentinels are not only found within walled cities, but also inside small villages and settlements. They keep watch through the Sentinel Towers.

Sentinels are usually associated with the colors Silver and Blue.



A Sentinel in Fort Tarsis

They believe in justice and order above all else, and see themselves as a bulwark protecting the people from the chaos of the outside world. In the eyes of the Sentinel leadership, the Freelancers are a ragtag band whose fierce independence makes them unreliable.[1] As such, they rarely coordinate with them.[2]

The Sentinels venerate Liatrelle, whose Path of Resolve inspired Arden Vassa to start Sentinels in Antium. They follow the Path of Resolve analogous to General Helena Tarsis.

The Sentinels have access to their own Javelins, though tend to stay close to Fort Tarsis, keeping the people safe from direct threats.[2] The Ranger MK1 is their Javelin of choice for front line work.[3]

It is noted that Sentinels, being the police of a city, technically have authority over the Freelancers and can confiscate their Javelins if they deem the Freelancer to be harmful.


After the death of Helena Tarsis, the Legion of Dawn divided into three factions. The Freelancers were one of these three, alongside the Sentinels and Paladins who were presumed to have become Dominion.[4] Arden Vassa marched to Antium to protect it after Tarsis died. He started the Sentinel Faction to keep a watch over the people so that they do not come to harm.

Since sentinels are found in all walled cities and forts, they were present during the Battle of Freemark. They tried defending the city, but in vain. Many Sentinels perished during this incident. After the Freelancers' reputation was lost, the Sentinels, who already had little faith in them, despised them more.

After the Cenotaph was silenced, and the Dominion incursion stopped, several Sentinels began trusting the Freelancers. While the dominion incursion happened, Sentinel Brin contracted the Freelancer to help them with finding missing Sentinels and silencing the Doomsday Relic. With this the Sentinels began trusting Freelancers more, and have contracted them for work.

The relationship between Freelancers and Sentinels is much stronger now. Commander Vule allowed the Freelancer to interrogate Dr. Harken so that Echoes of Reality could be Silenced.

Known Sentinels[]

Present Members[]

Previous Members[]

  • Jani (Currently a Freelancer)
  • Captain Jenin (Deceased)
  • Rance
  • Talon

Founding Members[]


Sentinels vs Monitor

Sentinels confront The Monitor

  • The Sentinels have been described as an in-universe equivalent of a royal guard[3] or "fantasy police."[5]
  • The Rangers used by Fort Tarsis’s Sentinels are incredibly primitive, utterly lacking any form of ordinance or repair systems and having only a basic, double-jump propulsion system.
  • The paint jobs of Sentinels seen inside Fort Tarsis and outside the wall (on missions, freeplay, etc.) are different. The former consisting of mostly light gray and blue, and the latter being pistachio green and blue.
  • The Sentinels seen outside the wall have a unique vinyl that is not accessible to players.