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Seasonal Expeditions are weekly leaderboards related challenges which reward Freelancers with crystals to spend in the Seasonal Store and Feats which reward additional XP.

The leaderboards only show the highest scoring 250 freelancers. The Leaderboards for PC, Playstation and Xbox are kept sepeaate.

Currently, there are two variations of Seasonal Expeditions:

  • Competitive Strongholds
  • Competitive Cataclysms

Competitive Strongholds

These are the seasonal expeditions which have competitive elements and are based on the strongholds in Anthem. These award the players with crystals and Competitive Stronghold Complete Feat. The current competitive strongholds are:

Competitive Cataclysms

Currently, the only available cataclysm is Echoes of Reality. Completing this seasonal expedition rewards with crystals and Cataclysm Complete Feat.

There are two variants of Echoes of Reality: