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"This wasn't just four or five insects! This was thousands! An entire colony working together to make arms and legs... to make heads and... eyes. They became people!"
– Eyewitness account, Arcanist records
Scars Logo.png

The Scars are one of the four main enemy factions of Anthem.


"Empathy towards Scars is foolhardy, for their primary concern isn't domination or survival, but mindless, thoughtless consumption. They're a scourge, a plague upon this world."

A Scar Scout

Scars are a colonial swarm of insects that mimics the dominant life-form in an area.[citation needed] "Created by chaos,"[1] the Scars are a relentless[2] invasive force, not native to Coda [3]. They are a completely utilitarian beings who gather scraps and objects from about anything and attach it to themselves.

Scars can deploy via red portals hovering above the ground, appearing in flashes of light.[4] While not technically alien, they aren't human either,[5] and can't even be considered to be humanoid[6] (in actual fact, they're insectoid). However, they did try to emulate humans in taking the form they did.[1] They appear to converse in a guttural language.[2] Scars are functionally immortal. When their physical form is destroyed, their "soul", or essence, returns to the hive to be recycled. The "soul" is treated like a resource and salvaged to form a new body. This means that no scar is ever permanently eliminated.[7]


"In this way, a scar cannot die. In this way a scar's existence is perfect. Do not mourn a scar"

Scars arrived on the world via Shaper technology,[6] with whom they have a mysterious connection.[8] This was via a cataclysm in 413 LV. At the time, Freelancers defeated a large, vicious creature none of them recognized. Later, unknown to Freelancers, the Scars regrouped and changed their mimicry to appear human. Scars then hijacked Striders cobbled together technology from scrap, and searched for Shaper relics. Inventive scavengers, they left nothing behind.[citation needed]

The Scars made their first organized assault on a human settlement in the Battle for the Crop Terraces. Antium won the battle, but at heavy cost. After the hard-won victory, it was decreed that the Scar population must never be allowed to grow that large again, and so "bug-hunts" became a necessary and dangerous practice for Freelancers in the area.[citation needed] However, the Freelancers were reduced in number after the disaster at the Heart of Rage, and with their numbers reduced, the Scars were able to grow in number. They spread to Lakeshore, occupying the mine and destroying the water system in the area. Scar scouts were once again an everyday occurrence, making travel more dangerous than ever.[9] The Scars remain in conflict with the Freelancers,[8] as they are trying to retrieve Shaper technology (an action the Freelancers are opposed to).[3]


A Scar banner


  • Destroyer
    • Elite Destroyer
    • Legendary Destroyer
  • Hunter
    • Elite Hunter
    • Legendary Hunter
    • Named Hunter
  • Scout
    • Elite Scout
    • Legendary Scout
  • Scrapper
    • Elite Scrapper
    • Legendary Scrapper
  • Enforcer
    • Elite Enforcer
    • Legendary Enforcer
    • Named Enforcer
  • Lumamed Scarcari
    • Elite Luminary
    • Legendary Luminary
    • Named Luminary


  • Turrets
    • Machine Gun Turret (Elite, Legendary)
    • Grenade Turrets (Elite, Legendary)
    • Missile Turrets (Elite, Legendary)
  • Seeker Mines
  • Scar Mines

Named Scar Enemies


  • From a gameplay standpoint, the Scars are the "baseline enemies" of Anthem.[6] Their motivations and reason for battling the Freelancers will be revealed over the course of the game.[1]
  • Scars are the only non-human faction capable of piloting a Javelin, the Colossus-class Enforcer.
  • In the entire game, only Occixus the Countless and Damaris the Escari is heard talking. All other scars make noises.