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...At a distance, the creature appeared human, but its mouth and nose did not open, and the eyes were soulless...
Cortex Entry: Scar Intel Archive (1)

Scar Scrappers are the Foot Soldier infantry units of the Scar faction. They appear in large numbers whenever there is a skirmish between the Scars and their foes.

Etymology and Anatomy

Scrappers get their names from Scrapper (A fierce competitor). Although not truly fierce individually, they usually come in great numbers, making them scrappy—both determined and disorganized. Scar Scrappers are flightless javelins piloted by a Scrapper-mass scar. These javelins are red in color. They are bipedal, and carry a large thorax-like backpack with four glowing red spikes protruding from it. The purpose of this backpack is unknown. It is assumed the Scrappers used them for scavenging scraps and items deemed useful for the scar colony. They have two large beady “eyes” and each of these eyes are made of 18 units, resembling a compound insect eye. They also have one antenna on their helmet and spikes attaches to their arms. Scrappers use an Assault Rifle whose additional ammo can be found being held by their legs. During the Season of Skulls, Scar Scrappers are seen wearing skull shaped masks with burning flames.

Narrative Involvement

Scar Scrappers have been seen in every scar-related mission. They are always the first to spawn through gates or hives. They are the lowest-ranking scar unit.

Individually, they don’t do much. If they are grouped together, however, they can focus gunfire on their foes.

Encounter Locations

Scar Scrappers can be encountered in several locations in Northern Bastion:

Behavior and Abilities

A Scar Scrapper Firing at its Foe

Scar Scrappers like to fight head on. They back away while shooting their foes if closing in.

  • Ranged Assault Rifle: Scar Scrappers shoot at their foes using this weapon that isn’t very accurate at long ranges.

Hidden Attributes

Scar Scrapper have two hidden attributes:

  • Taunt: Scar Scrappers raise their Assault Rifle and make a garbled noise to provoke their foes into attacking them.
  • Boosted Jump: Scar Scrappers can reach higher surfaces using the hidden boosters attached to their back.


  • Special Weakness: None
  • Special Resistance: None

Scar Scrappers begin firing their rifle at their foes the moment they see them. Their rifle needs reloading. They can jump to higher ground using the boosters on their back for tactical advantage, especially since their rifles are ranged. Scar Scrappers come in large numbers, but they also spawn together. There is very little damage incoming from each, but together they pack a punch. Firing at their weak points should defeat them quite quickly. But them spawning in a horde is their biggest weakness, as any type of blast damage should take care of them quickly due to their low health. Even though they raise their arms and taunt javelins to attack them, this ability is not very effective. Doing damage to or defeating the Scar Scrapper can make them drop ammo and repair packs. If health or ammo is low, collect these resupplies.

Every Named Scar Scrapper

There are no named Scar Scrapper. But there is one Legendary type that can be encountered:

Trivia (May Contain Spoilers)

  • Defeating a Scar Scrapper through a head shot will treat the players with its helmet falling off its javelin.
  • Each Scar Scrapper is not an individual, but a swarm of scars (insects) that make its parts. They still look like insects.
  • Scars are known to copy what humans do. Hence, they wear skulls during the Season of Skulls just like humans wearing masks.
  • The ability names are taken from the Anthem Prima Guide and datamined files. They may have been slightly modified to avoid confusion with other in-game names.