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Scar Enforcers are heavily armored Scars with an impenetrable shield.

Etymology and Anatomy

Enforcers get their name from Enforcer (Someone who compels the observance of rule or law). In this case, enforcers “enforce” the creation of space for other scar units.

Scar Enforcers are large yellow bipedal javelins equipped by an Enforcer-mass scar. Their whole javelin unit is made of modified stolen colossus javelins. These javelins could be obtained from kidnapping and killing lancers in the wild.

Scar Enforcers are larger than a colossus and equip a much bigger shield. This shows that the Scars ingenuity in modifying existing objects to suit their purposes. A Scar Enforcer has eight brightly colored front-facing eyes, but unlike other javelins, this one doesn’t have fingers and opposable thumbs. Its shield is attached to its left arm, and a single fuel powered flame thrower on the right hand. On its back are two additional fuel canisters. All canisters appear red with blue rings, while having a red glow on their circular sides.

Scar Enforcers are the largest type of Scar infantry units in their faction with a large health pool. They also move quite slowly.

Narrative Involvement

Scar Enforcers are heavy units. They are well armored and possess an impenetrable shield. So, in many missions and events, they appear as a target enemy or a mini-boss. They appear during the middle of the battle or towards the end.

Encounter Locations

Scar Enforcers can be encountered in several locations in Northern Bastion:

Behavior and Abilities

A Scar Enforcer Shooting Flames

Scar Enforcers move slowly, but like to keep their front shielded as much as they can. As they close in on their foes, they create space for other scars to attack. They possess the following abilities:

  • Flame Thrower: The Scar Enforcer fires a gush of fire using the Flame Thrower attached to its arms.
  • Power Shot: The Scar Enforcer swings its heavy shield at nearby foes dealing them moderate damage and staggering them.

Hidden Attributes

Scar Enforcers have these abilities:

  • Impenetrable Shield: Hitting the large shield of the enforcer does it no damage, except procedural damage from perks.
  • Destructible Fuel Canisters: The Fuel canisters on the back and the wrist of the Enforcer can be damaged enough to destroy them and the scar in the process.


Since Scar Enforcers are slow in their movement, it is fairly safe to ignore them and take care of other high priority targets such as Scar Scouts or Scar Hunters. But keep an eye out for the flames of the Enforcer.

  • Special Weakness to Armor:Armor Buster-icon.png Armor Buster, Fire-icon.png Fire, Acid-icon.png Acid
  • Special Resistance to Armor: Shield Breaker-icon.png Shield Breaker, Lightning-icon.png Lightning


The Flame Thrower of the Scar Enforcer does quite some damage, but has a short range. Since the Enforcer almost always holds its shield covering its front, the best time to attack is when it is trying to torch its foes. Beware of the staggering bash from its shield.

Scar Enforcers cannot raise their shields above their heads, so it is possible to hit their weak points from a height. An easy way to keep distance from an Enforcer is by jumping and dashing. Staggering and freezing the Enforcer is also a good strategy. But keep in mind that ice damage is not very effective against it.

Doing damage to or defeating the Scar Enforcers can make them drop ammo and repair packs. If health or ammo is low, collect these resupplies.


During Combat, whenever a Scar Enforcer tries to shoot its flames, it is a cue to do damage to it. Putting it under acid or burning status can help tackle its large health pool. Debuffing abilities also come in handy.

A Scar Enforcer’s Fuel Canister on Its Wrist is Ignited

Another thing to notice is that it is possible to make the Enforcers lower their shields by hitting them with a staggering ability—something that has a lot of force. At this point, it becomes easier to do damage to them.

Doing weak point damage to the fuel canisters is a good idea, especially from a height, as the flames have a short range. Hitting their head is quite easy from a vertical height.

Once the fuel canisters receive enough damage, they can be ignited. Igniting the fuel canisters does not do anything until the Enforcer still has more than 33% of its health.

At 33% or less health remaining, and at least one of the 3 canisters ignited, the Scar Enforcer’s fuel cells will explode taking it down and handing a satisfying victory. If the Enforcer is defeated before the fuel tank explodes, then on its death, it will cause an area of effect Death Explosion that will do damage to its allies or anything with a health bar.

Every Named Scar Enforcer

There are a few named Scar Enforcers. There are several Legendary types in the game that serve as a target enemy or a mini-boss:

Trivia (May Contain Spoilers)

  • Scar Enforcers do not wear a flaming skull during the Season of Skulls.
  • A Scar Enforcer trying to run away while retreating is one of the funniest animation in the whole game.
  • Each Scar Enforcer is not an individual, but a swarm of scars (insects) that make its parts. They still look like insects.
  • There is a unique vinyl on a Scar Enforcer’s shield that is seen nowhere else in the game.
  • The number of pips in the health/armor bar do not represent the total value. This means, two types can have same number of pips, but the stronger type (legendary or elite) will have a significantly higher health than their weaker counterparts.
  • The ability names are taken from the Anthem Prima Guide and datamined files. They may have been slightly modified to avoid confusion with other in-game names.