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...At a distance, the creature appeared human, but its mouth and nose did not open, and the eyes were soulless...
Cortex Entry: Scar Intel Archive (1)

Scar Destroyers are infantry units. They have additional deployable equipment to flush out their enemies taking cover.

Etymology and Anatomy

Destroyers get their names from Destroyer (A small warship of defense/ a person or thing that can destroy something).

Scar Destroyers are green in color. They are flightless javelins piloted by a Destroyer-mass scar. They look like Scar Scrappers, but feature a prominent green backpack that looks like a bug’s thorax, but contains Seeker Mines. They have four bright red eyes and two antennae on their head. Their upper forearms have spikes attached to them and they equip a pistol.

During the Season of Skulls, Scar Destroyers are seen wearing skull shaped masks with burning flames.

Narrative Involvement

Scar Destroyers can be seen in every scar-related combat. They are always the first to spawn through gates or hives along with Scar Scrappers. They are not a high-ranking scar unit.

Individually, they don’t do much. If there are several of them, then the battlefield will be flooded with seeker mines.

Encounter Locations

Scar Destroyers can be encountered in several locations in Northern Bastion:

Behavior and Abilities

Scar Destroyer’s Seeker Mine

Destroyers do not like to be in the middle of the battlefield. They tend to take cover when possible to deploy their mines.

  • Pistol: Scar Destroyers can fire pistols at their foes whenever they come close to them.
  • Seeker Mine: Scar Destroyers can deploy Seeker Mines that track their foes and do a sizeable acid blast damage.

Hidden Attributes

  • Mine Seeker: Once a Scar Destroyer deploys a mine, it will continue to seek its foes whether or not the scar is defeated.
  • Mine Combo: Seeker Mines can be primed and detonated, and destroyed before they can reach their targets and explode.
  • Boosted Jump: Scar Destroyers can reach higher surfaces using the hidden boosters attached to their back.


Scar Destroyers are not very dangerous, despite their name, especially in fewer numbers.

  • Special Weakness: None
  • Special Resistance: None


Scar Destroyers can do sustainable damage to foes. They are good at blowing out the cover of their hiding foes. They have low health, but if left unchecked, they can deploy so many mines that the battlefield can turn into a minefield.

Destroyers’ weak points are their heads and their blue-green backpack full of mines. They can reach high ground using boosted jump.

Doing damage to or defeating the Scar Destroyers can make them drop ammo and repair packs. If health or ammo is low, collect these resupplies.


Scar Destroyer Firing Its Pistol

Destroyers, when approached will try to use their pistols. But a foe closing in doesn’t stop them from deploying their Seeker Mines. These mines will lock onto their targets (which is primarily determined by the Scar Destroyer) and won’t stop until either they are destroyed, or they explode.

The Mines take time to explode, so there is a small time between their activation to detonate and the actual explosion itself. So, it is still possible to let them explode and escape without getting any damage.

Mines can be primed and detonated for ultimate charge. This also means that mines can be destroyed when the scar takes them out of their backpack.

Hitting the Destroyer’s weak point is actually the most effective way to quickly take them down. Melee hits are also helpful. Doing any blast damage is not worth it as they are usually isolated during combat, even if there are multiple of them.

Every Named Scar Destroyer

There are no named Scar Destroyers. But there is one Legendary type that can be encountered:

  • Legendary Scar Destroyer in the mission Enemy Mine

Trivia (May Contain Spoilers)

  • Among the Scar enemy types, the Destroyers are the ones that look the most human.
  • The size of the seeker mine is almost the same size of the Scar Destroyer’s head.
  • Activated Seeker Mines glow bright green.
  • Scar Destroyers are the only foe type in the whole game that can deploy non-projectile drones—in this case, the Seeker Mines.
  • Each Scar Destroyer is not an individual, but a swarm of scars (insects) that make its parts. They still look like insects.
  • Scars are known to copy what humans do. Hence they wear skulls during the Season of Skulls just like humans wearing masks.
  • The ability names are taken from the Anthem Prima Guide and datamined files. They may have been slightly modified to avoid confusion with other in-game names.