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Humans, Elementals, Scars, and Urgoth are some of the Sapient Species on Coda (from top left to bottom right)

Coda has a wide variety of species of fauna and flora. It also has several other species who have dominated the planet through their ingenuity and survival methods. These species have adapted to the dangers of the planet, but have also put the environment around them to use. Such species are not only intelligent, but also sentient and adroit, and simply referred to as Sapient Species.

On Coda, there currently are six known sapient species. Some have been on the planet since its origins, others have only recently appeared through a cataclysm. Not all species are still thriving or even existing on Coda as of 468 LV.


See Shaper for full details.

The Shapers are the original entities that are believed to have created Coda using the Anthem of Creation. But before they completed their process, they vanished.


See Elemental for full details.

Elementals are sentient beings created when Shaper Energy clashes with the Anthem of Creation. Elementals aren’t confined to one single form, but come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and abilities.


See Anzu for full details.

Ancient beings called Anzu had dominated Coda after its incomplete creation and disappearance of the Shapers. These beings, usually with darker origins, aren’t known to exist in a large number today, according to many Arcanists.


See Urgoth for full details.

Urgoth are a massive species that dominated the planet for centuries, perhaps millennia before the present day. They still exist, but are mostly confined to their nation in the Northern Continent.


See Human for full details.

The current dominant species on Coda are Humans. Although other sentient species exist, only Humans are known to have spread across two known continents: Mirrus and Northern Continent.


See Scar for full details.

An invasive species that first came to Coda only a few decades before the present day are the utilitarian Scars. They are insectoid and like to copy the dominant species found around them.

Other Sapient Species

There are Chimeras that can speak found in ancient texts, but their classification as sapient species is up to debate. As only a small part of the vast world is explored and barely charted, many sentient species may exist in other reaches of Coda.


  • The true origins of all the above species except elementals and scars is unknown. This is especially true for Humans.