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The Ranger's propulsion pack can launch quick air strikes on unsuspecting foes, as well as navigate challenging terrain during exploration.
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Ranger is a versatile javelin created in Bastion.

Ranger is an all time favorite of lancers who like balance. It is also the most popular javelin for exploration. So popular, that the people of Bastion have made 3 variants of the Ranger!

Piloted by both Freelancers and Sentinels, this iconic suit's versatility is what makes it deadly. With strong offensive capabilities, respectable defense, and something in its arsenal for every situation, the Ranger is the jack-of-all-trades a squad needs.[1].

This page is about Ranger Mark Two Javelin that is most commonly called Ranger. Click here for the Ranger Mark One.


Like most items on Bastion, Ranger was designed and created in Heliost. The model that Freelancers and several Corvus agents use is called Ranger Mark Two, usually stylized as Ranger Mk.2. Sentinels are known to use Ranger Mark One, since they are usually inside the walls of cities. But Sentinels can also use the Mk.2. Models.

There is also a hybrid and modified model created using the Mk.1 and Mk.2 Rangers that Outlaws equip. Usually only the skilled outlaw pilots or outlaw gang bosses equip them, and they are called Outlaw Lancers. It is considered its own javelin.

The Ranger Mark Three is a new variant, not yet available as of Icetide of the year 468 LV. The Freelancer used a new Ranger Mk.2 once their training was complete. However, it was severely damaged during the mission to Silence the Heart of Rage in 466 LV. Between 466 LV and 468 LV, they obtained another Ranger Mk.2 Javelin, which was severely worn out and hindering in performance. However, because of an interest shown by Corvus, who persuaded them to figure out a method to silence the Heart of Rage in 468 LV, they obtained brand new models of Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor javelins.

Other Variants

These are the other variants of the Ranger Javelin:

Cortex Entries

The following Cortex Entries provide details about Ranger:


Ranger has access to the following Damage Types:

  • Acid-icon Acid
  • Armor Buster-icon Armor Buster
  • Fire-icon Fire
  • Ice-icon Ice
  • Impact-icon Impact
  • Lightning-icon Lightning
  • Shield Breaker-icon Shield Breaker

Ranger has the following combat abilities:

  • Ranger Gear:
    • Assault Launcher: A Gear that can be launched at enemies. This item usually targets a single enemy.
    • Grenade: A Gear that is thrown at enemies. This item can target multiple enemies.
    • Support Gear: A gear that can be deployed around the Ranger, but usable by all allies. It can shield or amplify specific damages depending on its type.
  • Ranger Melee Weapon:
    • Mace: Mace is a melee weapon that a Ranger pulls out from a compartment on its right leg. It can strike enemies and be used to prime or detonate depending on its type. This can be performed on ground or from air. Air melee always does higher damage.
  • Ranger Ultimate:
    • Micro-Missiles: A final ability that takes a long time to charge but can cause havoc when launched at enemies. Micro Missiles target up to 12 enemies when launched, who are painted red. When launched, it sends out these homing missiles severely damaging the enemies. The Ranger can also target and use the ultimate on enemies while flying. The ultimate also makes the javelin invulnerable until it lasts.
  • Ranger Combo:
    • Combo Impact: Ranger can perform Combinations during an encounter. Combo Impact is the special combo ability that is available only to Rangers. This combo ability significantly amplifies all combo damages done by the Ranger.
  • Ranger Weapons:
  • Ranger Performance:
    • Armor and Shields: Assisted by Ranger Specific and Universal Components.
    • Combat Performance: Assisted by Ranger Specific and Universal Components.


Ranger is a multi-purpose javelin. Like all javelins, it can be used in multiple ways. However, its default version is designed to do specific tasks[2].

  • Focus: Versatility
  • Offense Style: Single-target
  • Evasive Maneuver: Dash
  • Jump Type: Double Jump
  • Flight: Thruster Assisted
  • Flight Evasive Maneuver: Barrel Roll
  • Hover Time: Standard
  • Action Speed: Moderate
  • Armor: Moderately Armored
  • Shields: Moderate Kinetic Shields on ground and while hovering


Ranger has several customization options along with paint jobs:

  • Armor Packs and Armor Parts
  • Materials and Metal Platings
  • Vinyls
    • Ranger Specific Vinyls: Default Ranger Decal and Empowered Ranger
    • Universal Vinyls
  • Wear States
  • Arrival Animations
    • Ranger Specific Arrival Animation
    • Universal Arrival Animations
  • Victory Poses
    • Ranger Specific Victory Poses
    • Universal Victory Poses
  • Emotes
    • Ranger Specific Emotes
    • Universal Emotes

Crafting and Upgrades

Ranger Dawn Shield

Ranger Combat Slots

Ranger Requires Ranger Parts to craft its javelin specific gear, melee weapons, and components along with other standard crafting items obtained by harvesting. It can also use universal components and guns.

A Ranger has a total of 12 combat slots available to it to make its performance optimal. There is also one special slot specific to the story:

  • 1 Assault Launcher Slot
  • 1 Grenade Slot
  • 1 Support Gear Slot
  • 1 Melee Weapon Slot
  • 2 Weapon (Gun) Slots
  • 6 Component Slots
  • 1 Dawn Shield Slot (Not counted towards Power Level)

Depending on the rarity of the embers used, items of different rarity can be crafted or obtained by other means such as Guardians Gifts, Regulator Store, Loot, or Seasonal Store. These items have a specific level called Power, that is capped at different numeric values. When the Power of each equipped item is added, Ranger’s Power Level is obtained. This Power Level defines the rarity of Ranger:

Power Level Ranger Rarity
0-383 Common RangerCommon flat
384-431 Uncommon RangerUncommon flat
432-455 Rare RangerRare flat
456-731 Epic RangerEpic flat
732-899 Masterwork RangerMasterwork flat
900-960 Legendary RangerLegendary flat

Prominent Users

There are many, many users of this javelin. However, these are the prominent people known to use it:


  • Before the launch of Anthem, the Mk.2 Ranger was supposed to have originated in Antium, used by the Antium Sentinels. However, the details regarding this are hazy, so it is not conclusive.
  • Ranger is the easiest javelin that can obtain all available feats during an expedition.
  • Ranger was initially called Lancer, a term that eventually became colloquial for a javelin pilot.
  • Every Ranger encountered outside the walls has a different paint job and vinyl.
  • Each Ranger is custom built for every lancer that uses it.



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