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Pulse Accelerator Icon

Pulse Accelerators are a type of hand held weapons in Anthem. These weapons use seal technology to generate destructive energy.

Pulse Accelerators, like Blade Slingers and Volt Casters, only become available at Level 30 and are only available in Masterwork and Legendary rarity. Currently, they can only be obtained by spending crystals in the Seasonal Store.

List of Pulse Accelerators

Epic and Lower Masterwork and Higher

All Pulse Accelerators have a rarity of Masterwork or Higher.


Pulse Accelerator Weapon class are affected by several inscriptions.

Damage Inscriptions

The following inscriptions affect Pulse Accelerators damage:

  • Weapon Damage
  • Physical Damage (For Bad Omen and Rainmaker only)
  • Damage
  • Pulse Accelerator Damage
  • Weak point Damage
  • Elemental Damage (For Gravedigger only)

Quality Inscriptions

The Following inscriptions affect other qualities of Pulse Accelerators:

  • Weapon Ammo
  • Weapon Magazine Size
  • Weapon Hip Recoil
  • Weapon Reload
  • Pulse Accelerator Ammo


Pulse Accelerators are affected by the following consumables: