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Pilot Level is the experience level of a lancer.

When a new freelancer goes outside the walls to perform feats, they will receive experience or xp bonuses, depending on how well they feat is perfoemed. This bonus will help them increase their pilot's level until they are able to reach a current maximum (as of Update 1.7.0) of Level 30.

As the pilot level increases, special javelin specific rewards are unlocked. The xp bonus also determines how much weekly alliance bonus is obtained by the Freelancer.

Loot dropped by the enemies and unlocked from Treasure Chests will not have a rarity of Legendary until pilot level 30 is reached. Even if legendary equipment are purchased using coin in the Crafting Store or crystals in the Seasonal Store or obtained as guardians' Gifts, the Power of these items will not have teh maximum value until pilot level 30 is reached. This is also true for Masterwork items.

Pilot Level Rewards

The following are the various pilot rewards that can be obtained by the Freelancer.

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Check Cortex Entry: Pilot Level Rewards for More Information

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Pilots level up by earning experience points (XP). At various levels, a variety of awards are unlocked, including Forge slots, match consumables, and new javelins. Javelin unlocks are account-based.
Level 2—New Javelin Unlocked!
Level 3—Weapon Slot Unlocked!
Level 4—Component Slot Unlocked!
Level 5—Support Slot Unlocked!
Level 6—Component Slot Unlocked!
Level 8—New Javelin Unlocked!
Level 10—Consumable Slot Unlocked!
Level 12—Component Slot Unlocked!
Level 14—Component Slot Unlocked!
Level 16—New Javelin Unlocked!
Level 18—Component Slot Unlocked!
Level 20—Consumable Slot Unlocked!
Level 23—Component Slot Unlocked!
Level 26—New Javelin Unlocked!
Level 30—Consumable Slot Unlocked!
Level 30—Grandmaster Difficulties Unlocked!

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