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Light the flame against the darkness.
— In Remembrence

Paladins were an order created by Magna Stral after she fulfilled her duty as a Legionnaire. Paladins later went to become the Dominion in the North.

Since silencing the Heart of Rage and containing the Echoes of Reality, the Freelancer received 10 mysterious notes from an unknown source during the Season of Skulls. The Freelancer was tasked at finding 10 shrines located in Bastion to find out about the mystery behind the group. This group turned out to be the Paladins, whose order still remains, without being affiliated with the Dominion.

"We have lost our name to an enemy that wears our legacy like a mask. When our fellow Paladins turned on us, we scattered and went dark. Some remain in the north, keeping watch over our fallen brothers. Some returned to the home of the Legion. We remain. We remember. Light the flame against the darkness."
– In Remembrance

List of known Paladins

  • Magna Stral (Founder)
  • Alexios the Watcher
  • Tristan the Redeemed
  • Bogdon
  • Eleri
  • Seong
  • Ren
  • Tal and Ora, the Hands of Magna Stral
  • Zaneta the Patient
  • Aamir the Dauntless
  • Ceriden the Red, the squire of Magna Stral
  • Virgil the Breaker
  • Severn the Resplendent