Say a man has slain his kin in cold blood. What are the rest of us to do? Isolate him? Provide him with meat and grains that we risk our lives for? If we cannot trust him to live peacefully within our walls, then let him survive beyond. Shapers keep him as they see fit, and may he return to us through the great wheel a changed soul.
— From Dialogues

The Outlaws are one of the four main enemy factions of Anthem. They are human bandits, hardened, violent criminals who were cast out of society because they threatened public safety and security. Once exiled, they must attempt to survive outside city walls without armor or weapons. This practice has been the subject of much debate, though scarce resources and concerns over violent crime have provided steady support for forced exile.

Banishment is a brutal consequence and the last resort for those ruthless few who prove themselves incapable of living within organized society. A final, terrible step that hangs heavily on any who bears the burden of judgment. Yet, some exiles survive. Some even prosper. Now judgment must reflect the fact that the banished may find a place among the outlaws and continue their crimes.


  • Elementalist
  • Gunner
  • Freelancer
  • Rocketeer
  • Lancer

Known Outlaws


  • The Outlaws are currently the only human faction known to pilot Javelins (MK.I Ranger and Valkyrie) that have no philosophical roots with the Legion of Dawn.
  • Outlaws are currently the only enemy faction without a presence in Strongholds.
  • Outlaws have access to the most Javelin classes of any NPC faction.
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