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Northern Bastion is a region, found within the nation of Bastion on the planet Coda, as of the year 468 LV.

Northern Bastion is the location where the majority of Anthem's story takes place. the entire Freeplay map is mostly made of Northern Bastion.

Northern Bastion is a region, found within the nation of Bastion on the planet Coda, as of the year 468 LV. Coda is a large planet and Northern Bastion is only a small place on this vast, dangerous, but beautiful world.


Northern Bastion is one of the most important and historical stites in the history of Coda and Bastion. It is here where humanity was freed from the Urgoth overlords by the Legion of Dawn.

It has been plagued by several cataclysms throughout history, and is the place that was the second most affected by the largest cataclysm known to mankind, called the Heart of Rage. In 413 LV, a strange and invasive species called Scars were unleashed by a cataclysm, changing history forever. Fortunately, this untilitarian sentient species is contained within this region by sealing away the three strider locks.

As of 468 LV, Northern Bastion is filled with ruins everywhere, but only has one functional settlement called Fort Tarsis.

Geography and Layout

Northern Bastion has some of the greenest geographical features on Bastion. In fact it has a sub region where the foliage of the trees is the thickest. Northern Bastion is politically divided into 10 subregions for convenience. Each subregion has at least one district. Several culturally significant and strange landmarks also exist here. The most significant of them all is the Fortress of Dawn, the largest and the most prominent monument built by the Legion of Dawn before it split into 3 factions.

Northern Bastion has dangerous flora and fauna. It is home to the most unique and intricate system of plantlife called the Eddian Grove, which is one of a kind. It is also home ot several species of creatures let out by cataclysms, such as the skorpions.

It has mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, caves, rock formations, ruins of early civilizations, Shaper structures, and much more. The best way to see what exists in Norther Bastion, is by flying around it in a javelin. Below are the subregions and the only active settlement of Northern Bastion.

  • Fort Tarsis
  • Academy Ruins Subregion
  • Emerald Abyss Subregion
  • Eastern Reach Subregion
  • East Gate Subregion
  • High Road Subregion
  • Fortress of Dawn Subregion
  • Great Falls Canyon Subregion
  • Monument Watch Subregion
  • Ruins of Shadowmark Subregion
  • Valley of Tarsis Subregion


The following are the revealed varieties of plantlife can be found in Northern Bastion:


The following types of Fauna are revealed be found in Northern Bastion:


As with all locations of Coda, Northern Bastion may have hostile forces. Hostile plantlife and animals, if found here, aren't considered as enemy encounters.


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Nestled between the Sundric Sea and the mountains, Northern Bastion has a plethora of Shaper constructs and historical Legion of Dawn architecture, including the Fortress of Dawn. The population of this area has depleted greatly since the tragic destruction of Freemark and the subsequent mass exodus of the Arcanist settlement of Shadowmark. Fort Tarsis, the halfway point between Antium and the cities of Freemark and Heliost respectively, is the only settlement that remains in this area.

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  • Northern Bastion is only a small region in the much larger Bastion, and even bigger Coda.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, the large water body that can be seen beyond the northern border of Northern Bastion is not a sea such as the Sundric Sea, but a massive lake!