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Mailbox is one of the six Main Sections of the Cortex in Anthem.

Just like a real Mailbox, the Mailbox Main Section is a collection mails, subscribed content, and unfortunately, junk spam sent by the residents of Coda, after speaking with them or venturing into new locations, uncovering secrets, and completing storylines.

The Table below Shows the Sub Sections as the title of each column, and within each column, the Level 1 cortex entries. Under the Table will be the list of all Cortex Entries found within each of the 3 Sub Section of the Mailbox.


Click on the name to go to individual pages that show the details of what they contain. Those pages may not necessarily show the list of all the cortex entries in that Sub Section. However, all those entries are listed below this table under separate headings.

Cortex.png MAILBOX
Cortex-personal.png Personal
Cortex-subscriptions.png  Subscriptions
Cortex-junk.png  Junk

Cortex-personal.png Personal

Click here for the main Mail page. All links lead to the Personal Mail page in the Cortex.

Cortex-personal.png Personal

Cortex-subscriptions.png Subscriptions

Click here for the main Mail page. All links lead to the Subscription Mail page in the Cortex.

Cortex-subscriptions.png Subscriptions

Cortex-junk.png Junk

Click here for the main Mail page. All links lead to the Junk Mail page in the Cortex.

Cortex-junk.png Junk