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Lost Scrapbook is a collection of events, news, memorabilia, and letter-exchanges between two people in love, Bex Marxel and Teenen Prosh, over a span of ten years, starting just before the Fall of Freemark. The exchange gives a lot of exposition on the Mystery of the Emerald Abyss.

Cortex Entries

Each excerpt from this lost scrapbook is obtained separately in the form of 16 cortex entries. Mentioning them above the excerpt would break immersion and flow. So they are listed separately here:

Lost Scrapbook

The following exchanges and entries are in order:

My Dearest,

I can't call you anything else since you told me that you love me. This place is crowded with so many people, but I'm lonely. You are everything to me. All I care about. My Dearest, you are my life.

Bex. Please hurry back. Can you?

Teenen, You can't be a Freelancer. You aren't ready. Yes, like you say, I knew your aunt well and she was an excellent pilot. I think she would give you the same advice. Go out and see things. Be brave. Learn about the Shapers. Touch their relics. See an ursix from afar before you must fight one. See, with your own eyes, the danger. Then you come to the enclave and we will open our arms to you.

This is not an easy life, but it is a glorious one.
Freelancer Yarrow

Dearest Bex,

I think about you every day. I miss you. I've seen so many exciting things. I understand why you didn't come with me, but I still wish that you did.

Highlights… we passed a Scar village. I ate manticor on a dare. I visited the Fort Tarsis library. There's a kind of fountain nearby. I sat there and read about a million words. But wherever I go, I make sure to visit the Freelancer enclave. I want so badly to pilot a javelin like my aunt. I'm determined to impress Freelancer Yarrow.

Here's a joke... how many Scars does it take to kill a Titan? Fifty. Because, it's a glitching Titan!.

That's terrible, but I hope you're laughing anyway.

I miss your laugh.

Antium News [Archives].

— Tragic news of yet another outlaw attack on a passenger strider between Antium and Fortuo. The ruthless gang was tipped off that smugglers had stuffed a hoard of major crystals under the floorboards. Although the thieves only wanted the crystals, Freelancers discovered most of the passengers dead in a gruesome scene. The outlaws spared only the children, who were taken to an farm near Pontiex.

— Congratulations to Freelancer Thetes, who celebrated his birthday by winning the Venter Race in his custom Interceptor. Since no one admits to letting the veteran win, we must assume his victory was fair and square.
Icetide is expected to begin in the next month or two. Harvest missions will be run out of the Freemark enclave this year. Freelancers from all areas are welcome to join.

My Dearest,

I loved your last letter. I laughed so hard snot came out of my nose. In the library. In front of everyone.

I miss you so much.

Do you remember the night we first spoke? I can still see your face, grimy from the harvest, peeking under my bed. I can see your hand reaching for mine, coaxing me from my dark solitude into the moonlit room. You never told me it was all in my head. You never told me the monsters weren't real. You just filled my head with sweet stories and stayed by me until I fell asleep again.

Even when we were just children, you were already a hero.

Please come to me. I know it's hard. I promise I'll hold you. It'll be all right. You're braver than you think.

I don't know how not to be afraid.

Tarsis News, Current Edition.

As Season of Skulls is upon us again, it's the proper time for a reminder not to let the misty gloom get you down. There are plenty of cheery activities to raise your spirits. If you are feeling grim and grumpy, don't forget to reach out to a friend. Or go see Max and Amal in the bar, not for drinks, but because they're great listeners. Brave Season, everyone!.
A young orphan from the Pontiex area is being celebrated as a hero for tackling a notorious Outlaw thug as the murderer boarded an outgoing passenger strider. Grateful members of the Royal Family of Antium had already boarded. The young hero has been generously rewarded for saving all aboard from inevitable violence.


I have a javelin! It's a rusty old Ranger, but there is a guy here named Prospero who will help me find spare parts. I just need to do odd jobs for him. Life is so exciting right now.

You must feel relieved to know that Outlaw scum was caught. The world is safer now. Does it make you smile?

I love you.

My Dearest,

I haven't heard from you in quite awhile. I've sent this to the last place I know you were. You've been gone longer than you said you would.

Life here is the same. Everything's the same. Even me.

I'm so sorry that I was afraid to go with you. I'm sorry I'm not brave. I feel ashamed. Lost.

I'm afraid you're not coming back. You aren't, are you?

My Dearest,

There is someone else here. By someone else I mean... someone that I probably could love. Should I love them? Should I? I only have the pieces of my heart you left with me. It's not enough to carry a lifetime of love, I'm afraid.

Where are you?

Round Trip Ticket.

Passenger Strider: The Shaper Star.

Passenger Name: Bex Marxel.
Route: Full Bastion Circuit—With Stops

My Dearest?

I'm back home again. I went to look for you. I didn't find you, but I found my strength. I'll wait.



Lady Cardea Dell and other Bastion citizens, long thought lost, were recently found by a team of brave Freelancers who released them from an anomaly in the Emerald Abyss. The Royal Family, along with all of us, owe a great debt of gratitude to the Freelancers and their Fort Tarsis cypher. Strong Alone, Stronger Together, indeed!
Marriage Announcement: Bex Marxel and Teenen Prosh were joined in a quiet ceremony in the Fort Tarsis courtyard yesterday. Freelancer Yarrow spoke and many were moved to tears. The couple now travel to Fortuo where they will no doubt experience new adventures. Good luck to them.