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Library is one of the six Main Sections of the Cortex in Anthem.

Just like a real library, the Library Main Section is a collection of lore snippets, stories, prose, poems, and writings you have gathered by interacting with collectibles, venturing into new locations, uncovering secrets, and completing storylines.

The Table below Shows the Sub Sections as the title of each column, and within each column, the Level 1 cortex entries. Under the Table will be the list of all Cortex Entries found within each of the 6 Sub Section of the Library.


Click on the name to go to individual pages that show the details of what they contain. Those pages may not necessarily show the list of all the cortex entries in that Sub Section. However, all those entries are listed below this table under separate headings.

Cortex.png LIBRARY
Cortex-society.png Society
Cortex-environment.png  Environment
Cortex-geography.png  Geography
Cortex-history.png  Histories
Cortex-technology.png  Technology
Cortex-story.png Your Stories
Cortex-misc.png Miscellaneous

Cortex-society.png Society

See Society for more details.

Cortex-society.png Society
Cortex-society.png Freelancers
Cortex-society.png Dominion
Cortex-society.png Corvus
Cortex-society.png Arcanists
Cortex-society.png Sentinels
Cortex-society.png Outlaws
Cortex-society.png Regulators
Cortex-society.png Scars
Cortex-society.png Cyphers
Cortex-society.png Engineers

Cortex-environment.png Environment

See Environment for more details.

Cortex-environment.png Environment
Cortex-environment.png Fauna
Cortex-environment.png Flora
Cortex-environment.png Resources
Cortex-environment.png Hazards

Cortex-geography.png Geography

See Geography for more details.

Cortex-geography.png Geography
Cortex-geography.png Regions
Cortex-geography.png Districts
Cortex-geography.png Landmarks

Cortex-history.png Histories

See Histories for more details.

Cortex-history.png Histories
Cortex-history.png Anthem of Creation
Cortex-history.png The Shapers
Cortex-history.png Legion of Dawn
Cortex-history.png Popular Art

Cortex-technology.png Technology

See Technology for more details.

Cortex-technology.png Technology
Cortex-technology.png Amplifiers
Cortex-technology.png Archives
Cortex-technology.png Forge
Cortex-technology.png Coolant
Cortex-technology.png Javelins
Cortex-technology.png Links
Cortex-technology.png Locks
Cortex-technology.png Radio
Cortex-technology.png Signets and Crowns
Cortex-technology.png Striders

Cortex-story.png Your Stories

See Your Stories for more details.

Cortex-history.png Your Stories
Cortex-history.png Legend of the Heart of Rage
Cortex-history.png Tales of Yarrow
Cortex-history.png Tales of Brin
Cortex-history.png Tales of Matthias
Cortex-Your Stories.png Tales of Dax
Cortex-Your Stories.png Tales from the Strongholds

Cortex-misc.png Miscellaneous

See Miscellaneous for more details.

Cortex-misc.png Miscellaneous
Cortex-misc.png Notes
Cortex-misc.png Scrolls
Cortex-misc.png Enclave Collection
Cortex-misc.png Books and Diaries
Cortex-misc.png Overlooks

Recent Entries

Displays the 9 or 10 most recently acquired or updated cortex entries from any Main section.