Leyton is a former Dominion cypher who has moved to Fort Tarsis.


Nadira asks you to find out what is bothering Leyton, her husband.


First meeting, in the bar:

  • Freelancer: Do we know each other?

Word gets around. There was a time my job was to listen to those words.

  • Freelancer: Huh. So that makes you...

A spy. Nadira's husband. I think she spoke to you. (Laughs wryly.) This isn't awkward. A grown man prodded into making friends. But my wife insisted. She said you were a spy? You must've been one of Tassyn's people. 

  • Freelancer: Not quite. I was fighting her people. Dominion.

Don't worry. I defected. 

  • Freelancer: Good for you.

I see Nadira failed to mention it.

  • Freelancer: Hard to trust Dominion. Well, Leyton, the only Dominion I've met are murdering thugs.

It's the only world they know. The only one they're allowed to know.

  • Freelancer: And you worked for them. 

It's more than work. It's a way of life. This Monitor you've been dealing with—I know his kind well. Your existence is sworn to singing only the notes they tell you to. Control. Tyranny. Supremacy. 

  • Freelancer: So one day you just... stopped singing their tune?

I ran from it. Any life in Bastion had to be better than Stralheim. 

  • Freelancer: It is / The fort has its struggles.

Another time:

  • Freelancer: Most people here are just trying to make their way, live simply. Find some happiness.

Yes, decent people. It's all I ever wanted to be.

Decency is a commodity in short supply in this world. If we can't find it, we must grow it ourselves.

  • Freelancer: So, you're a spy and a philosopher.

It was my wife who said that. The day I defected to Corvus. She debriefed me.

I fell for Nadira before the day was even out.

  • Freelancer: Must have been one hell of a day.

She was a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Here was a woman who'd fought in the same shadows I had, yet never surrendered her conscience.

  • Freelancer: A happy ending then. / What about yours.
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