The Lesser Ash Titan is a type of ash titan.

This titan has several abilities that use the element of fire and can inflict burning as well as overheat your Javelin. Unlike the Ancient and Standard Ash titans, the Lesser Ash titan cannot summon elementals.

Health Pool

  • Lesser Ash Titans: 120,000.
  • Elite Lesser Ash Titan:
  • Legendary Lesser Ash Titan:


Homing Fireball: The Titan slams its arm into the ground to charge a fireball that, when released, tracks your Javelin based on your input direction.

Fire Grenade: Both of the Titans arms begin to glow, revealing the arm weak points, and summoning a floating fireball at your location that detonates after a few seconds.

Flame Wave: The Titan raises its right arm in the air, revealing the right arm weak point for a few seconds before slamming it into the ground and releasing two waves of flame that radiate outward in a circular pattern. Waves from the Lesser Ash Titan only radiate on the plane the titan is currently standing on.


The Lesser Ash Titan has 3 main weak points to take advantage of: both arms and the center of the back. When charging the Flame Wave, the right arm will be vulnerable until the titan slams it down, releasing the waves. Similarly, both arms will be vulnerable during the Fire Grenade, however will want to move out of the way as soon as the Titan starts to charge the attack to avoid taking damage and overheating you Javelin.

The Homing Fireball attack is the attack that is best to take advantage of. During this attack, it will slam its right arm into the ground and the arm will become vulnerable as well as the weak point on the back. While the arm weak points allow you to do standard x1 weak point damage, the weak point on the back adds a x3 damage modifier to all abilities and bullets.

Gain a high vantage point to stand on or hover nearby the titan. Make sure this place has pillars or something to move behind to avoid incoming fireballs. Wait for the Titan to charge the Homing Fireball attack and shoot the back weak point (recommended: high RPM weapon) until the back closes up and then move behind cover to avoid the attack. Rinse and repeat until the Titan is dead.

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