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"In the darkest chapter of humanity’s history, it was the Legion of Dawn who brought us into the light."

The Legion of Dawn

The Legion of Dawn was a legendary group of heroes active 500 years before the present day.[1]

The Legion of Dawn counted many different members among their ranks - Arcanists, Engineers, healers, cooks, and, most importantly, the lancers known as Legionnaires.


"Our world is a violent and cruel place. For centuries, we lived at its mercy, unable to rise above the violent chaos that shook our land and mutated the creatures around us. We would be suffering still, if not for the Legion of Dawn. Under the eye of General Helena Tarsis, they built the first javelins, protected us from the chaos, and created a new future for all those who came after. Their story – her story – is what makes ours possible."

The Legion in battle

The Legion of Dawn were the disciples of Helena Tarsis. Arden Vassa created a Javelin of Dawn for every member of the Legion. With this new technology at their disposal, the Legion fought back against urgoth oppressors, allowing mankind to live in peace.[2] The Legion were the first javelin pilots, and many say the greatest.[3]

The Legion's ranks included notable heroes like Sanadeen, Liatrelle, and Magna Stral. Their tragedies and triumphs were recorded by Garred the Chronicler in Bastion's most famous book, The Volume Of Tarsis, though the text was printed long after Garred's death.

By the Legion's skill and courage, human civilization was able to develop. Their protection allowed for the construction of fortified settlements safe from the corruption and danger of the outside world.[3]

"And so the Legion divided into three once the urgoth were defeated. Singing the Path of Resolve were the Sentinels, sworn to protect, their voices full service to the people and high city walls. On the Path of Might, the Paladins were convinced that strength and force should lead the way. Lastly, the Freelancers followed the notes of valor sung by General Tarsis herself. The three melodies sung together caused only discord, and none could bear the sound, So it was that one Legion became three. Spoke Vassa: "We must sing the Anthem as we hear it, and none should be forced otherwise."
– From The Volume Of Tarsis

After the death of Helena Tarsis, the Legion split into three factions—the Freelancers, the Sentinels, and the Paladins [4]. The paladins eventually became the Dominion.



Guardians of Dawn

The Guardians of Dawn are 4 Legionnaires who were General Helena Tarsis' honor guards. They were with Tarsis during all her battles.


Legionnaires were the most trusted members and were part of the inner circle of General Tarsis. All legionnaires are known to have piloted javelins. The Guardians of Dawn and Founders were also Legionnaires.

Other Legion of Dawn Members

These are the brave people who were a part of the Legion of Dawn. However, they weren't a part of the inner circle of General Tarsis (they were not legionnaires).

Many of them piloted javelins and were called the Lancers.

  • Nal Jarra (Lancer)
  • Hrennan (Arcanist)
  • Idris (Mentor)


Legion of Dawn armor

  • The Legion of Dawn Armor Pack is available for anyone who pre-ordered [3] or upgraded to the the Legion of Dawn edition of the game. These armor pack designs are based on the original javelins piloted by the Legion of Dawn.