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Legendary World Events sometimes called simply as Legendary Events are special themed world events which run for a limited time during the course of a season. These events are represented by the Radio Tower icon.

All but conjunctions currently count toward the Daily Path to Glory Challenges. Conjunctions are simply refered to as Legendary Events when it comes to challenges, and are a part of Daily Festive Challenges. They do not provide xp through teh World Event Feat.

Since update1.7.0 all conjunctions are made available in Freeplay. Only some Legendary World Events (i.e. non-conjunctions) are counted towards the World Event Feat.

Echoes of Reality

Click here for the Echoes of Reality Conjunctions.

Type Event World Event Feat
Conjunction Great Falls Anomaly (Conjunction) No
Conjunction Monument Watch Anomaly (Conjunction) No
Conjunction Shadowmark Anomaly (Conjunction) No
Conjunction Silent Path Anomaly (Conjunction) No
Conjunction Spires Anomaly (Conjunction) No

Season of Skulls

Type Event World Event Feat
Conjunction No One Likes Spiders No
Conjunction Sentinel Monument No
Conjunction Shaper Disturbance No
Conjunction The Undying (Conjunction) No
Conjunction Up, Up and Away No
World Event Freelancer Pilgrimage Yes
World Event Arcanist Research Yes
World Event Sentinel Bonfire Yes


Type Event World Event Feat
World Event Ice Flower Frenzy Yes