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Landmarks are iconic natural formations or artificial constructions fo structures found across planet Coda. Natural formations, can sometimes be a result of effects of cataclysms. If created artificially, they are of Shaper, Anzu, Human, Urgoth, or Scar origins. Elementals, although sentient, aren't known for their ingenuity.

Bastion Landmarks

The following are the landmarks found in various regions of Bastion.

  1. Astronomy Tower
  2. Convector Henge
  3. East Valve
  4. West Valve
  5. Honor Valley Dam
  6. Howel's Tower
  7. Mining Platform
  8. Radio Tower
  9. Ring Gate
  10. Sanctuary Ruins
  11. Scar Burrow
  12. Scar Mast
  13. Scar Tower
  14. Shadow Lock
  15. Skystone Lock
  16. Stone Bridge
  17. Sunken Gardens
  18. The Antium Lock
  19. The Drill
  20. The Faithful
  21. The Fortress of Dawn
  22. The Garrison
  23. The Great Eddian
  24. The Hate Engine
  25. The Last Sentinel
  26. The Monument
  27. Wedged Key
  28. The Workshop
  29. Vassa's Way
  30. Wrecked Gazebo