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Junk is unfortunately also delivered to your Mailbox under the Junk tab. All mail received in this sub section is... well, junk mail sent by spammers. Beware of the contents and make decisions wisely. you have been warned!

Collection Details

A total of 7 cortex entries make reference to the Junk (Mailbox).

Junk contains the spam mails and letters sent to the Freelancer during the year 468 LV. Not even the hero who silenced the Heart of Rage can escape the spammers of planet Coda.

Mail: Freemark Commemorative Medallions

See Cortex Entry: Mail: Freemark Commemorative Medallions for More Details

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Never Forget Freemark
The Official Freemark Remembrance Society has created original Freemark medallions to commemorate the fallen city.
Each medallion is marked with a fallen Freelancer's signature and contains one authenticated ember fleck (as confirmed by the Arcanist Validation Corp.).
Compassionate payment plans are available to generous donors. After production costs are covered, any remaining funds are immediately given to the Orphans of Freemark (OOF).
Don't turn your back on the orphans
Support orphans today.

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Mail: Javelin Looking Rusty

See Cortex Entry: Mail: Javelin Looking Rusty for More Details

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Your javelin looks like it's been dragged through a Scar trash heap and thrown under a moving strider. And it stinks like korox dung. So what can you do about it? Beyza's Detailing is offering half-price javelin waxing right now! Bring your armor in for a clean-up. You've got nothing to lose but the stench.

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Mail: Pet or Pest: the Great Grabbit Debate Revisited

See Cortex Entry: Mail: Pet or Pest: the Great Grabbit Debate Revisited for More Details

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In case you missed our last issue, I've been getting to the bottom of a new hot topic in Fort Tarsis: grabbits! Are they pests or are they pets? Last time, I spoke to Gwynn, our spokeswoman for the pro-pet team. This issue, we'll be speaking to the other side.
Murph is a bookmaker and has lived in Fort Tarsis his entire life. Unbeknownst to him, Murph's son Art brought home two grabbits in secret and hid the pair in his sock drawer. What happened next wasn't pretty.
"Damned things mated. Multiplied. Chewed holes in all of Art's socks, then burrowed their way out of the drawers. Came home one day and they were everywhere. The things I saw those grabbits do... it's just not right. Had to replace my son's entire wardrobe and the floors. Big eyes or not, they're a menace."

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Mail: Prosperity

See Cortex Entry: Mail: Prosperity for More Details

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Might Valor Resolve
This chain was started in the hope of bringing prosperity to you. The original copy is from the Mirelands. It has been sent around the world nine times.
Within three days, make five copies of this letter and send it to five of your friends to whom you wish prosperity to come.
Make sure to send this only to people who will not break the chain. Do not keep this letter; it must leave your hands in 72 hours. This is not a joke.
A Sentinel Commander in Antium was promoted to Argentum after passing this letter along. A Freelancer in Fortuo won a new javelin in a card game and then was killed by a chimera because he broke the chain. Send five copies and see what happens on the 4th day.

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Mail: Request for Parchment

See Cortex Entry: Mail: Request for Parchment for More Details

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To Commander Vule,
On behalf of the citizens of Fort Tarsis, I am petitioning for an increase in parchment stores to be delivered on a regular cadence. The rate in which this Fort's population consumes parchment so that it can produce letters, contracts, and entertainment is more than our current stocks can bear. I know that you have issued a request for citizens to reduce how much parchment they use, but I would argue that this is a mistake. We do not have the luxuries and distractions of Antium or Heliost. For many of us, parchment is our only outlet. It is how we connect and stay sane. Without it, I am positive you will see an increase in undesirable activity. That is not a threat, mind you, just a prediction.
Thank you for your consideration.

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Mail: SCAM ALERT! Freemark Medallions

See Cortex Entry: Mail: SCAM ALERT! Freemark Medallions for More Details

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Several companies have been playing on the emotions of those who lost loved ones during the Battle of Freemark.
Grieving families and survivors who purchased commemorative coins have found that the ember fleck was merely a bit of korox tooth and the Freelancer signatures were forged. Also, no orphans have ever benefited.
Please reach out to our legal company, The Righteous of Fort Tarsis, to join the class action complaint that has been filed with the High Court of Antium.
The Righteous of Fort Tarsis.
If it's disputed and it's Tarsis, it's us.
Your only choice for fifteen years.

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Mail: Pet or Pest: the Great Grabbit Debate

See Cortex Entry: Mail: Pet or Pest: the Great Grabbit Debate for More Details

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For years, grabbits were considered, at best, a source of nourishment, and at worst, a menace. Their sharp teeth can bite through metal, leaving holes in striders, supply crates, and clothing. Recently, however, we've seen a new grabbit trend—not as delectable grilled morsels on a stick—but as pets!

The Sentinels are understandably flummoxed and, as new grabbit regulations are put into place, I decided to talk to the most vocal contingents of whether grabbits are pets or pests!

Gwynn has been a proud grabbit mom for two years. A caravan driver, she found her fur baby, Gentleman, on the job, and takes him wherever she goes.

"They're loyal. Gent always lets me know when there's trouble. He stands on his hind legs and his ears twitch three times. Two times means he's hungry. Three means danger. Always. Can't tell you how many times he's saved my life."

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