Javelin of Dawn

The Javelin of Dawn

The Javelin of Dawn was the first type of Javelin ever constructed, acting as the predecessor to the Colossus. Designed by Arden Vassa, one was given to every member of the Legion of Dawn.[1] Piloted by General Helena Tarsis and armed with special shields, she used the Javelin of Dawn to free humanity from slavery to the urgoth. After she died, the Javelin of Dawn was hidden away in the Fortress of Dawn


In 468 L.V., a Freelancer sought out the Javelin of Dawn to return to the Heart of Rage. With the aid of cypher Faye Navine, the Freelancer found the four Legionnaire tombs, which led them to the Tomb of General Tarsis, where they found her signet required to open the Fortress of Dawn. Upon entering the Fortress, the Freelancer passed through three different trials to gain access to the Javelin of Dawn. Unfortunately, the Freelancer was betrayed by Owen Corley, who stole the Javelin of Dawn to give to the Monitor in the hopes the Dominion would spare Fort Tarsis. Despite the Freelancer's javelin being disabled, Faye is able to scan the Javelin of Dawn and determined that without Tarsis' signet, its Shield of Dawn is useless and inspired the Freelancer and their associates to create their own Shield of Dawn.


In the Fortress of Dawn

In current times, the Freelancer seeks out the Javelin in the mission Fortress of Dawn. After a series of encounters with the past, the suit is finally found at its altar. When approaching it though, Owen, spiteful towards the Freelancer for keeping him from his dream to be a Javelin pilot, freezes his/her Javelin and took the Javelin of Dawn for himself as a bargaining chip to convince The Monitor that he accepted his offer to spare Fort Tarsis. Fortunately, Owen didn't account that Faye managed to scan the Javelin's crucial component, Shield of Dawn, during his betrayal, which allows Freelancer and his/her companions to reverse-engineering the module so he/she can enter the Heart of Rage with his/her own Javelin. Although, they only managed to do so after Owen, scarred by the failed negotiation with The Monitor, gives the Freelancer the original Shield of Dawn module before left.

It's unknown what happened to Javelin of Dawn afterwards.


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